Crispy Pete’s Food Truck by Kaiser Squared

Crispy Pete cooked it all from delicatessens to breaded meats, and the neighborhood loved Crispy Pete’s Food Truck. Pete cooked his food so well people often Touted the food as Manna from on high. People came far and wide, from counties near and far to sample Crispy Pete’s breaded meats and soups. Weeks went by as his business boomed, but one day the people lined up for their daily succulents, but Crispy Pete’s food Truck never showed.

Later that day a news alert came out “Pete of Crispy Pete’s Food truck has been suspected of multiple homicides, The Police have searched his infamous Food Truck and found remains of his victims among the various ingredients of his beloved breaded foods. If you have eaten from or ordered items from Crispy Pete’s chances are you have eaten human meat, please contact the police or local health department official….”

Pete had allegedly killed 13 people over a span of 5 years, however during the court hearing Pete somehow managed to escape during a fire drill. Someone, or an accomplice, pulled a fire alarm lever moments before he was about to receive a guilty judgment from the jurors.

 So Next time you visit your local “Food Truck” or Restaurant just keep in mind… is the meat you’re eating Halal, Kosher or even an animal product?

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