America, Fuck Yeah

It seems like more and more people are hating on America, completely ignoring the revolutionary approach to democracy, a legal document that restricts government intrusion, and how it changed the world through innovation.

With that in mind, the time seems right to go all out in a high-octane, explosive, and proudly patriotic anthology. Deadman’s Tome is calling for flash fiction submissions and artwork of a bold and resilient patriotic message.

Whether it be US troops going Rambo on NAZIs and commies, patriots kicking ANTIFA ass, or illustrations of beautiful pinups Deadman’s Tome wants it.

Normally, Deadman’s Tome publishes horror and dark fiction, but for this we’re throwing out the dark and gritty in favor of a bold and positive red, white, and blue message. We want stories that inspire hope, that remind people of the American dream, that wake people from their demoralized funk.

Submission guidelines:

  • Original flash fiction pieces 1000-1300 words
  • Original artwork (pinups okay, erotica not okay)
  • Stories that inspire hope, instill pride in America, and patriots smashing Communists and Facism.
  • No erotica
  • $10 token payment for stories
  • $25 token payment for artwork
  • Non-exclusive publishing agreement
  • Call closes 9/1/2020

Send your work to


  1. Hi Jesse, I’ve just published a lot of my old stories in 2 volumes. When the Last Candle Dies

    | | | | | |


    | | | | When the Last Candle Dies

    When the Last Candle Dies eBook: Hill, Trev : Kindle Store |



    The Belted Man

    | | | | | |


    | | | | The Belted Man

    The Belted Man |



    Would you mind talking down any of my stories (Old Girls, When the Last Candle Dies), please? If you like, “Bitches” can stay up as it isn’t being published. Thanks for giving them a home for the last few years (there’s a link to DMT in the first book),

    Hope all is well with you, sir. Best, TREV:-)

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