How Do You Get Rid of a Body?

I’m clearly just asking for a friend. It’s not like I have a dead Filipino hooker in my garage or something.

Regardless if you’ve ever had this problem or not, which I’m hoping you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve at least thought about what it would take of how it is possible to get rid of a body. I mean, we all have had the fantasy of murdering someone we despise, but we don’t do it because getting rid of the body would be a bit hard, the crime scene would be messy, and we know for damn sure we would get caught.

Well, what if you found yourself in a situation where you had to get rid of a dead body and a friend or loved one finds you? That’s where Asking For a Friend comes in.

I’ve seen a number of indie horror trailers and a lot of them come off as cheap and cheesy. Let me tell you that the trailer for Asking for a Friend does not. The production value of the trailer has me convinced that the Kelsey Bollig and the crew helping her have what it takes to tell the story of two childhood friends go through with the gruesome act of getting rid of a body without making it campy.

Now, I do enjoy campy horror films, but I also really enjoy a film that is able to take us along for a ride without reminding us that we’re in the ride.

So what is Asking For a Friend about?

It starts with a simple question. If your friend asked you to help get rid of a dead body, would you do it? And even more importantly, how would you do it?

Blake and Q are childhood best friends, roommates, and soulmates. After a long day, Blake’s one-track mind is set on the nachos Q has promised to make. Aside from nachos, however, Q has also managed to unexpectedly kill someone in their apartment.

Through a series of heavily graphic and hilarious situations, the girls attempt to tap their inner serial killers and handle the body themselves. What happens next is a visually surreal, musically fluid journey complete with blood raves, a creative use for slip n’ slides, and a body that for whatever reason won’t stop bleeding.

Considered to be one of the bloodiest films in festivals 2019, Asking For A Friend used over 60 gallons of fake blood, going mostly towards the now infamously hilarious body dismemberment scene and a blood rave scene.

In fact, Asking For A Friend’s body dismemberment scene is so graphic, it noticeably affected audience members – from spilled wine to rushing out of theatres to one audience member literally losing their lunch.

With 15 wins and countless nominations, Edelweiss Film Productions is proud to announce that the award-winning dark comedy Asking For A Friend will be premiering online on June 10th on Gunpowder & Sky’s Horror Platform, Alter.

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