Is the NEW WORLD ORDER connected with Coronavirus?

After exchanging messages with John David Broyles about New World Order being possibly connected with COVID19, I was really looking forward to having the spiritual warrior on the show. God, however, had other plans. Severe thunderstorms took out his power leaving him missing in action, but the show must go on.

I took this moment to talk about the clear abuse of power being exercised by various Governors across the US in order to “protect” and keep people “safe”. Remember, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and these Governors might think they’re doing the right thing by locking down everything, killing businesses, creating mass poverty, releasing rapist and murders back into the community, and creating an environment that shatters the mental health of their people.

New York Mayor may really believe he is doing the right thing by specifically targeting JEWS with a threat about the time for warnings has passed.

Governor Cuomo might think he’s doing the right thing by demanding MORE ventilators while siting on a stockpile of VENTILATORS.

Jay Inslee might think he’s doing the right thing by releasing rapists and murderers into the public for “safety”.

It’s sickening.

In this episode, I go into the conspiracy that the NWO might’ve planned Coronavirus from the beginning, or perhaps they’re seizing on the opportunity that the Coronavirus offers. Either way, we’ll spend time in this episodes listening to DOCTORS that have some very important things to say.

Listen to the podcast here:

Outrage Alert! – I introduced a new segment called outrage alert where I talk about KARENS that do Karen like things such as getting outraged over things that shouldn’t bother anyone!

Some busy body got upset that someone LIKED this image on Twitter. LOL.

Call the sheriff, lady. Looks like we have a situation on our hands. Apparently, some busy body doesn’t like illustrations of sexy hot women doing what sexy hot women ought to feel empowered to do.

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