With years of Hollywood producing dog shit time after time and celebrities losing their goddamn minds during the Coronavirus, it seems more appropriate than ever to do something at their expense. Deadman’s Tome doesn’t pull punches when it comes to controversial anthologies. We explored conspiracy theories in The Conspiracy Issue, dove head first into Satanism with Satan is your Friend, and pissed off a bunch of super Jesus fans with He’s Risen. But we’ve yet to do an anthology about celebrities. More specifically, celebrities being chased and gutted by maniacs.

That’s going to change with Deadman’s Tome Hollywood Holocaust. Thanks to Duke 3D for the name idea.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • Original works (no reprints)
  • 1k to 5k in word length
  • Must be edited
  • Send only ONE submission
  • Brutal, extreme horror with celebrities as fodder.
  • No limitation on content at all. Our tag line is Horror with no Limits, and we live by that.
  • submission call ends June 15th

What do YOU get in return IF your work is accepted?

  • $25 dollar token payment
  • Invite to the Deadman’s Tome podcast

Send your work to deadmanstome@gmail.com


  1. I’m guessing fictional celebs (orrr fictional celebs loosely inspired by aspects from actual celebs) are the order of the day? Because I’m thinking Katie Holmes/Leah Remini-esque cult escapee with Lovecraftian/cosmic horror beastie-worshipers instead of Scientology (though a Lovecraftian cult that eschews the weirdos in the woods model in favor of the Church of Happyology model is something that Needs To Be Written More Often).

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