Look, we understand that things are tough right now because of Coronavirus and the Government’s reaction to it. Because of that we made certain books only 99cents (ebooks).

You can’t tame this beast, but you’ll try anyway. Won’t you?

What is it about werewolves that fascinate us? Is it the image of savage, brutal beast behind a friendly human face? Is it the parallels between beast and man? Whatever the reason is, Wolfwinter will surely help find the answer. In this book you”l find a handful of werewolf stories that delve into different aspects of horror. Some tales are brutal and straightforward, while others are more psychological.

Get it for Kindle for 99cents (limited time).

Bone chilling terror for those that like their horror extra dark

Choice Cuts contains fourteen stories that combine elements of psychological horror, Lovecraftian dread, dark comedy, and the macabre. Every story has an unexpected twist that will surprise you, and with cynicism that will infect you. Are you ready for some Choice Cuts?

Get it for Kindle for 99cents (limited time).

Are you ready for a party you’ll never forget?

When people think Monster Party, they tend to visualize a party with the big names like Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Wolf-Man just hanging around drinking, laughing, and scaring. While that does sound like a good time, the lesser known names are often shoved off to the side as if they’re a bunch of basic bitches. But why is that?

We at Deadman’s Tome though that the big names have partied long enough, it’s time for the lesser known monsters like the Yeti, Mothsquio, and Leorilla to have some fun, and you’re invited.

Get it for Kindle for 99cents (limited time).

They say you need to keep your soul to get to heaven, but I say sell that thing and bring the heaven to you. It also sounds like the other guys are in the soul buying business, too. They just require that you go through the all the crap they give you, all the crap life gives you, while hoping and praying. Satan, on the other hand, is a businessman and will help you get what you want, live the life you desire, all for the same price as the other guy.Ten sinister stories about all things having to do with or influenced by the big man down stairs, Satan!

Get it for Kindle for 99cents (limited time).


Deep in the mountains of Appalachia, a legend is told about something evil that lurks within the dense woods of Gunrack Holler. A witch is said to live there, one whose appetite for innocent souls dates back hundreds of years.

Sam Fletcher had heard the story his whole life, but he never really believed it. After all, as his father always said, it’s just an old folktale… only a story.

But two years ago, something happened that made him believe.

Get it for Kindle for 99cents (limited time).

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