March Monster Madness – Nyah VS The Wasp Woman

Deadman’s Tome Monster Madness kicks off in March with a battle between the female monsters in horror. For our first monster face-off we have Nyah from the Devil Girl From Mars VS The Wasp Woman. Don’t let Nyah’s cheesy costume, and even cheesier movie fool you. While Nyah has a tendency to talk until the cows come home, she’s equipped with a ray gun that can essentially evaporate anything, protected by magic vinyl that cannot be penetrated, and is ruthless.

The Wasp Woman, while only appearing as the Wasp Woman for about 10 minutes in her movie, demonstrated that she is also ruthless and capable of cold-blooded murder.

What would happen when these two monsters have to face-off in a brutal match to the death? Will there be other contenders if the match proves to be too easy? These are questions that are explored in this episode of the Deadman’s Tome podcast.

Listen to “March Monster Madness – Nyah VS The Wasp Woman” on Spreaker.

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