Camp Ghoul Mountain part VI Review

Camp Ghoul Mountain part VI by Jonathan Raab has everything we look for in a slasher film. Slasher film, but isn’t this a book?


That’s right? Camp Ghoul Mountain part VI is the novelization of a slasher film that has never been made. My only problem with this book is that I would love to see it in film form. This book meets the Bob Briggs 3 Bs standard for a quality 4 star horror movie.

Does have blood? Oh, hell yes and gallons of it.

Does it have bodies? Man, the killing starts from the very first chapter and it does not stop. Every chapter, someone is dying.

Does it have boobs? Well, you have lovely college kids getting high and taking tops off.

Let state it again, the only problem I have with this book is that it hasn’t been made into a film yet. If someone could get the director of Tucker and Dale VS Evil on the phone and tell him about this, it would be great.

If you enjoy Ash VS Evil Dead, Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Tucker and Dale VS Evil then you’ll enjoy this book.

Because it’s the novelization of a film that has never been made, the book contains various elements that would be expected of a book adaption of a slasher film. Jonathan Raab included director notes, interviews, and screen play snippets. The level of detail that Raab went into to make the book believable as a real novelization of a horror film really pays off.

It also helps that the book is well written. I didn’t notice any issues or problems with grammar, structure, or purple prose. I like how Raab made it really easy to discern what parts were essential to the narrative of the story and the extra material spliced in here and there. For example, the main story chapters are labeled as Scene One, Scene Two, and so forth. Whereas, the notes, interviews, and side material (which add to the experience) are not labeled as scenes.

Overall, I enjoyed it. I would highly recommend it. Camp Ghoul Mountain part VI is a rather quick, straight forward 300 page read, but with some fun meta details.



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