Would You Recommend Black Christmas 1974?

Getting impaled by a unicorn to the sound of carolers singing Silent Night is probably not how you want to spend Christmas Eve. Black Christmas claims its victims in a sorority house haunted by creepy phone calls, demonic noises, bodies eerily shrouded in plastic wrap, and one perverted psycho killer whose voice alone is enough to chill your blood.

black_christmasWhen an unidentified caller keeps harassing your entire sorority house with obscene things you can only half-understand, you should get the Hell out of there even if it is freezing cold outside. But like just about every horror movie, the victims say F you to logic and stay in place. Because of that, the murders stack up with one victim being dragged screaming by a hook, and another being bludgeoned to death like something out of a medieval torture scene. Never mind the one suffocated to death by plastic wrap and left next to the window like the vacant face of a doll staring out into the night.

For a Christmas themed slasher, I think Black Friday serves its purpose and would recommend it for the following reasons: you got dead bodies, blood, AND it’s topped off with some Christmas cheer… sort of.

But what do you think?

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