Insane Black Friday Sale!

Check out these amazing Black Friday deals. Deadman’s Tome Real American Horror (paperback) for only $5 (no cost for shipping). As a blend of chilling horror and real American crime, Real American Horror is a great way to add that edge to Thanksgiving and Christmas vibe.  Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors III for only $5? You know what, how about we make this Black Friday … Continue reading Insane Black Friday Sale!

They Want These BANNED!

With depictions of extreme graphic violence, moments of  sexual assault, and horror targeted towards children, I was worried about what would happen when Deadman’s Tome published Inappropriate Literature. The SJW Puritan police have come after me before — follow me on Twitter @mrdeadmandt if you don’t believe me — back when Deadman’s Tome published Psycho Holiday. Why was #cancelculture after me? Because I used the word … Continue reading They Want These BANNED!

Did Jamie Lee Curtis Shamed Your Mom?

Jamie Lee Curtis of Halloween shamed everyone’s mom by saying that moms that expose their kids to Halloween are the WORST human beings on the planet! Worst!! Is your mom the worst human being? Is your mom really worst than Stalin or Hitler? No. I’m sure your mom is better than Andrea Yates, but Jamie Lee Curtis said that she’s the worst human being. You … Continue reading Did Jamie Lee Curtis Shamed Your Mom?

Can you Handle Sour?

SOMETHING EVIL ROSE WITHIN, AN ANCIENT BEING, ONE OLDER THAN TIME ITSELF… Deep in the mountains of Appalachia, a legend is told about something evil that lurks within the dense woods of Gunrack Holler. A witch is said to live there, one whose appetite for innocent souls dates back hundreds of years. Sam Fletcher had heard the story his whole life, but he never really … Continue reading Can you Handle Sour?

What’s the Deal with ChiZine Publications?

  ChiZine publications has established a name and reputation in the horror writing community, but it appears that not all is well. According to various sources, ChiZine has problems paying their authors. Now, I totally understand that mistakes will be made from time-to-time, but apparently when authors approach them about a lack of payment ChiZine brushes them off. That’s never a good thing. I’ve reached … Continue reading What’s the Deal with ChiZine Publications?