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The wait is over, the monsters have arrived and the bloody battles shall begin! Starting today and running through the climactic fight on Halloween, sixty-four film frighteners will duke it out via Twitter (@MrDeadmanDT and @DamascusUndead), and the winner of each bout will be determined by YOUR votes! The results will be posted daily right here so everyone can follow the action!

 Today’s beginning bouts are Godzilla vs Satan, The Mummy vs Gabriel (The Prophecy), The Crawlers (The Descent) vs Graboids (Tremors), and Christine (The car!) vs Stephen King


Godzilla stomped Satan 83/17, while The Mummy defeated The Prophecy’s Gabriel 60/40. In underground news, Tremors Graboids devoured The Descent’s Crawlers 67/33, and Stephen King survived another car accident by besting his own creation, Christine, 57/43.


So GODZILLA, THE MUMMY, GRABOIDS and STEPHEN KING advance to the second round!

Oct 2 battles are: Legend’s Lord of Darkness vs Thanos from The Avengers, Deadite vs Dracula, Rocky IV’s Ivan Drago vs Hannibal Lecter and The Stand’s Randal Flagg vs Medusa!

Results for Oct 2: Thanos defeated the Lord of Darkness 75/25; Dracula proved who was the most evil dead by besting the Deadite 67/33; Ivan Drago broke Hannibal Lecter 67/33, and Randal Flagg beat Medusa 67/33!

So THANOS, DRACULA, IVAN DRAGO and RANDAL FLAGG advance to the next round!

Battles for Oct 3: Freddy Krueger vs Carrie White; The Headless Horseman vs Jason Voorhees; Candyman vs Michael Myers and The Creature From The Black Lagoon vs Jaws (Bond villain)!

RESULTS FOR OCT 3 BATTLES: Freddy Krueger made Carrie White’ s nightmare’s come true with a 83/17 defeat; Jason Voorhees made sure the Headless Horseman remained headless 83/17; Michael Myers gutted Candyman 57/43, and the Creature From The Black Lagoon drowned the James Bond baddie Jaws 67/33!


BATTLES FOR OCT 4: Killer Klowns From Outer Space vs Chucky; Pennywise vs Slithers Alien Parasites; Stay Puft Marshmallow Man vs Dagon, and From Beyond’s Dr. Praetorius vs Gremlins!

RESULTS FOR OCT 4: The Killer Klowns killed Chucky, 67/33, a score Pennywise repeated when he slew Slither’s Alien Parasites. Two shut-outs followed, when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stomped Dagon 100/0, a fear duplicated when the Gremlins devoured Dr. Praetorius after midnight!



BATTLES FOR OCT 5: Leprechaun vs Wishmaster; Frankenstein vs Leatherface; The Terminator’s T-800 vs TMNT’s Super-Shedder, and Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemort vs Warlock!

RESULTS FOR OCT 5: Wishmaster granted your wish and killed Leprechaun 80/20, while Leatherface dismembered Frankenstein with a 100/0 shut-out slaughter! The Terminator’s T-800 shredded Super-Shedder 67/33, and in a surprise upset, the Warlock out-spelled Lord Voldemort 75/25!

So WISHMASTER, LEATHERFACE, the T-800 and WARLOCK advance to the next round!

BATTLES FOR OCT 6: Pumpkinhead vs The Wolfman; Jurassic Park’s T-Rex vs A Quiet Place’s monster; The Reapers (Blade II) vs Twilight’s Edward Cullen, and Pinhead vs Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head!

RESULTS FOR OCT 6: The Wolfman smashed Pumpkinhead 67/33, while Jurassic Park’s T-Rex devoured the Creature from A Quiet Place 83/17. In a fang-tastic match, Blade’s Reapers sucked Edward Cullen dry 100/0, while Pinhead proved his head was best with a victory over Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head 67/33!

So THE WOLFMAN, T-REX, THE REAPERS and PINHEAD advance to the next round!

BATTLES FOR OCT 7: Courtney Love vs Rawhead Rex; Cthulu vs the Doppelganger’s from Us; King Kong vs Xenomorph, and The Predator vs Quetzalcoatl (from the film Q )!

RESULTS FOR OCT 7: For the first time ever, there is a Monster Madness tie! Courtney Love and Rawhead Rex both earned 50 points! There will be a special run-off vote to see who wins! In other battles, Cthulu pulled the Doppelgangers into the depths of R’lyeh 75/25, Kong proved who was king by defeating the Xenomorph 60/40, and The Predator hunted down Quetzalcoatl 75/25!

So CTHULU, KING KONG and THE PREDATOR advance to the next round, with either COURTNEY LOVE or RAWHEAD REX to advance at a future time.

BATTLES FOR OCT 8: Cloverfield vs The Blob; Megatron vs 8 Legged Freaks Giant Spider; Jeepers Creepers The Creeper vs Scanners Psychics, and Day of the Dead’s Bub vs Thriller zombie Michael Jackson!

RESUKTS FOR OCT 8: The Blob stuck it to Cloverfield 75/25, while Megatron squashed 8-Legged Freaks Giant Spider 100/0. Jeepers Creepers titular creature blew the Scanners Psychics minds with a 75/25 victory, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller zombie bashed George Romero’s pet gut-muncher Bub 57/43! And in a special rematch bout, Courtney Love triumphed in a bloody battle with Rawhead Rex, 90/10!

With these bouts, the first round I battles is finished, and the surviving monsters advance to the next round! Study the updated brackets to see which villains are fighting next!

The first battles of Round 2 are: Godzilla vs Thanos and The Mummy vs Dracula!

RESULTS FOR OCT 9: In the initial battles for Round 2, Godzilla and Dracula both destroyed their rivals Thanos and The Mummy with 100/0 shut-outs!

So GODZILLA and DRACULA both advance to Round 3!

BATTLES FOR OCT 10: Round 2 continues with Tremors Graboids facing off against Rocky IV’s Ivan Drago, while Stephen King stares down another of his own creations, Randal Flagg!

RESULTS FOR OCT 10: An irradiated Ivan Drago managed to break Tremors Graboids 75/25, and Stephen King proved his mettle by destroying his own creation Randal Flagg 67/33!

So IVAN DRAGO and STEPHEN KING advance to Round 3!


BATTLES FOR OCT 11: Round 2 continues with a collection of clowns as Freddy Krueger faces off against The Killer Klowns From Outer Space, and Jason Voorhees tussles with It’s Pennywise!

RESULTS FOR OCT 11: Freddy Krueger proved he was no clown by killing the Killer Klowns From Outer Space 67/33, while his ’80’s slasher rival Jason Voorhees kicked Pennywise out of his birthday party 100/0!

So FREDDY KRUEGER and JASON VOORHEES advance to Round 3!

BATTLES FOR OCT 12: Round 2 continues as Michael Myers has to defend Haddonfield against The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, while The Creature From The Black Lagoon takes on the Gremlins!

RESULTS FOR OCT 12: It was the day of lop-sided slaughter as The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stomped Michael Myers and The Gremlins devoured The Creature From The Black Lagoon in 100/0 shut-outs!


BATTLES FOR OCT 13: Round 2’s mayhem continues with Wishmaster vs The Wolfman and Leatherface vs Jurassic Park’s T-Rex!

RESULTS FOR OCT 13: Wishmaster’s wish to defeat The Wolfman came true, as he slaughtered the full moon’s soldier 80/20. And the T-Rex made a midnight snack of Leatherface 75/25!

So WISHMASTER and T-REX advance to Round 3!

BATTLES FOR OCT 14: Round 2 continues as the T-800 fights The Reapers from Blade II and Warlock fights Hellraiser’s Pinhead!

RESULTS FOR OCT 14: There were two smashing shut-outs as the T-800 reaped The Reapers and Pinhead sent Warlock back to his master 100/0!

So the T-800 and PINHEAD advance to Round 3!

BATTLES FOR OCT 15: Round 2 continues as Courtney Love battles The Blob, and Cthulu is primed for a showdown with Megatron!

RESULTS FOR OCT 15: Courtney Love smothered The Blob 75/25, and Cthulu proved the stars were aligned with a triumph over Megatron 67/33!

So COURTNEY LOVE and CTHULU advance to Round 3!

BATTLES FOR OCT 16: The final fights of Round 2 commence with King Kong vs The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers and The Predator vs Michael Jackson’s Thriller zombie-alter ego!

RESULTS FOR OCT 16: King Kong crushed The Creeper 67/33, and The Predator proved he was more dangerous than Michael Jackson with a 83/17 victory!

So KING KONG and THE PREDATOR advance to Round 3!

With that battle, Round 2 has finished and Round 3 commence! The fights in this segment will be the fiercest yet, and it all kicks off today with Godzilla squaring off against Courtney Love!

RESULTS FOR OCT 17: Round 3 got off to a bloody start when Godzilla stomped Courtney Love 75/25!

So GODZILLA advances to Round 4!

BATTLE FOR OCT 18: Round 3 continues as Crystal Lake’s champion Jason Voorhees takes on the Translyvanian tyrant, Dracula!

RESULTS FOR OCT 18: In the battle of undead merauders, Jason Voorhees beheaded The Count , killing Dracula 57/43!

So JASON VOORHEES advances to Round 4!

BATTLE FOR OCT 19: Round 3 continues as The Terminator’s T-800 stalks Rocky IV’s Ivan Drago! Who will survive? VOTE and see!

RESULTS FOR OCT 19: The T-800 terminated Ivan Drago’s bid to be top movie monster 75/25!

So the T-800 advances to Round 4!

BATTLE FOR OCT 20: Round 3 continues as Stephen King fights the Gremlins!

RESULTS FOR OCT 20: The Gremlins Maine’s favorite son for a midnight snack, devouring Stephen King in a 67/33 match!

So the GREMLINS advance to Round 4!

BATTLE FOR OCT 21: It’s a nightmare of a match-up as Freddy Krueger faces off against the Wishmaster!

RESULTS FOR OCT 21: Wishes came true for ole’ Freddy, as Krueger bested the Wishmaster 64/36!

So FREDDY KRUEGER advances to Round 4!

BATTLE FOR OCT 22: Cthulu rises from R’yleh only to find Jurassic Park’s T-Rex waiting. Which beast is best?

RESULTS FOR OCT 22: Cthulu proved the stars were aligned by picking his teeth with dinosaur bones in a 100/0 shut-out slaughter of Jurassic Park’s T-Rex!

So CTHULU advances to Round 4!

BATTLE FOR OCT 24: King Kong arrives in the Big Apple only to find the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man waiting for him!

RESULTS FOR OCT 24: King Kong chewed his way through the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man 75/25!

So KING KONG advances to Round 4!

BATTLE FOR OCT 24: The Predator stalks the Pope Of The Outer Darkness, Pinhead! Be there for this one!

RESULTS FOR OCT 24: Pinhead tore The Predator’s soul apart in an 83/17 bloodbath!

So PINHEAD advances to Round 4!

With that bout, Round 3 concludes, and only eight monsters remain in the struggle: GODZILLA, FREDDY KRUEGER, JASON VOORHEES, CTHULU, the T-800, KING KONG, the GREMLINS and PINHEAD!

BATTLE FOR OCT 25: ROUND 4 commences with Godzilla squaring off against the dream-demon Freddy Krueger!

RESULTS FOR OCT 25: Godzilla was the final nightmare for Freddy Krueger in an 89/11 beatdown!

So GODZILLA advances to the Final Four!

BATTLE FOR OCT 26: Camp Crystal Lake’s champ Jason Voorhees sets his sights on Cthulu!

RESULTS FOR OCT 26: The stars weren’t aligned properly for Jason Voorhees, as the Elder God Cthulu destroyed him 100/0!

So CTHULU advances to the Final Four!

BATTLE FOR OCT 27: The Terminator’s T-800 sets his laser-sights on King Kong!

RESULTS FOR OCT 27: The T-800 terminated King Kong in a 71/29 slaughterama!

So the T-800 advances to The Final Four!

BATTLE FOR OCT 28: The Gremlins open the Lament Configuration to confront the Cenobite Pinhead!

RESULTS FOR OCT 28: Pinhead showed such sights to the Gremlins with an 80/20 dismemberment match!

So PINHEAD advances to the next round, meaning The Final Four is set with these beasts: GODZILLA , CTHULU, the T-800 and PINHEAD!

BATTLE FOR OCT 29: The Final Four kicks off when the T-800 aims to take out the King Of All Monsters, Godzilla!

RESULTS FOR OCT 29: Godzilla sent the T-800 back to the future in a 71/29 struggle!

So GODZILLA advances to the Final Fight!

BATTLE FOR OCT 30: Pinhead seeks to dethrone the Elder God Cthulu!

RESULTS FOR OCT 30: Cthulu banished Pinhead to The Outer Darkness forever in a 100/0 battle!

So CTHULU advances to the Final Fight!

BATTLE FOR OCT 31: It’s Halloween and a month of monster madness comes down to this Final Fight: GODZILLA, The King Of All Monsters VS CTHULU, The Elder God from beyond the stars! Which beast is best? Vote on Twitter @DamascusUndead and find out tomorrow (if the world survived the battle that is)!

RESULTS FOR OCT 31: The big battle is over, the cities of man are dust, and the struggle between 64 movie monsters has ended with Cthulu destroying Godzilla in an 83/17 victory, proving The Elder God is the true King Of All Monsters!

And thus this season of Monster Madness has ended! Thank you to all who supported and participated, debated and voted! For now humankind must grovel under the reign of the mighty Cthulu, but another beast may rise next year to dethrone the champion! May you survive until then…

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