The Case of the Missing Penis?

Some of you may or may not know that I post a lot of videos on YouTube on the MrDeadmanDt channel. The channel covers news, drama, with some horror and writing trickled in. The’s not really important, though. What is important is that I recent covered a news story where a deceased man’s penis has apparently went missing?

How does that happen? How does a deceased man lose his penis?

I have no clue, but I think it would be interesting for a quick piece of flash fiction. Consider this a writing prompt challenge. Write what you think happened down below in the comments section, and it’ll be shared on a the Deadman’s Tome podcast.


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  1. Two weeks a head of schedule, twenty-four old graves relocated with one left. The backhoe operator kept a steady pace, grabbing hold of and dropping wet muddy dirt to the left of the marked space. In just a few minutes he hit the wooden box that had come apart over time. His turn to get in the six foot under, he suited up and slipped over the edge.
    Lights placed strategically gave him access to every inch of mud and wood. No body, just rocks. He got out and ordered one of his students to remove the rotten wood and everything else they came across.
    Back at the tent he checked his list and the name of who was buried in the empty hole. A young woman by the name of Clare Sandbox but, where was she. Professor Block went back to the makeshift grave to observe his students progress.
    Frank yelled up, “hey professor there’s another box down here”. “What”? “Yeah, and it’s not made of wood”. Once more he jumped down into the hole this time with two shovels. They dug around the other box that seemed to be made of stone something like granite. In a slow process they managed in the cramped quarters to uncover the lid. Both used the tips of their shovels to pry it up.
    Surprised by what they found the bones of one body laying on top of another dead body much fresher. Possibly only a few months. A few hours passed and the coffin was finally removed and the police called. This was totally out of his league.
    The body was a man naked with his penis missing, weird.
    Two more weeks went by and professor Block can’t get the image of the old bones arranged facing down on top of a much juicer corpse. He decided his curiosity had gotten the better of him he needed to know what had happen to the man and his penis.
    One phone call and he was standing next to two morgue tables one with the bones obviously a women by her pelvic spread and the other an older male maybe 40’s with no penis or testicles. Maybe he had the operation only there was no sign of augmented breast.
    Homicide detective Robertson brought in a file with the identity of the man who was reported missing by his neighbor three months ago. Both Robertson and Block took a little ride to check out the man’s residents the guy was a hoarder. As they made their way through the one bedroom duplex ending up in the kitchen the only room to be completely clear and neat as a pin, except for a skillet sizzling on the stove. Both men stepped over to it and lifted the aluminum lid sitting in the frying pan looking well done surrounded by red and green bell peppers were the genitals of an adult male. Lunch anyone, hehehe.

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