Straight Pride Parade is Okay

I do not have a problem with straight people celebrating their orientation, because I do not have a problem with gay people celebrating theirs. We should, in a country with freedom of speech, be allowed to openly celebrate our orientations.

Some people do have a problem with it, and when they express their opinions it often comes across as reverse bigotry, or just bigotry.

When someone claims that straight people shouldn’t have pride parades because they’re straight they are using the same line of thinking that homophobic bigots used against gays. Claiming that someone shouldn’t get to exercise their right because of their orientation is wrong and illegal. I understand that gay people were and still are the subject of harassment, assaults, and death threats from straight people, but to claim that all straight people are the aggressors is an argument from prejudice and ignorance.

Remember #notall does apply, right?

When people say that everyday for a straight person is a parade and thus they shouldn’t get a parade, they argue form ignorance the same way homophobes would and is just another variation of discrimination. When someone restricts the rights of someone else on the basis that the group already has enough rights, or already has this or that, then you’re just using ignorance and prejudice to excuse discrimination.

I’m for gay people celebrating their gayness. They should be proud of being gay, just like lesbians should be proud of being lesbian, and trans people being proud. I’m also for straight people celebrating their straightness, too.

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