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Meat Grinder April 2019 Winners

The April 2019 Meat Grinder featured seven short stories that competed for the most points by accumulating the most reads, likes and comments. In other writing contest one’s work is judged by editors, but in the Meat Grinder the value of one’s work is subject to reaction of the readers and the ability to network. While there is value in a panel of editors evaluating one’s work, it lacks response from readers and doesn’t reward or teach the importance of networking. Let’s face it, writing a good story is only one part of the equation.

The Meat Grinder recognizes and awards those that win.

Winners of April 2019 Meat Grinder:

First Place: Trev Hill for Up The Dark Alley

Second Place: Ray Prew for The Best Show Ever

Third Place: Veronica Smith for Troy Story

As for the others…

We can’t say they didn’t try. I would recommend that they up their networking strategy and try again.

1 thought on “Meat Grinder April 2019 Winners

  1. Congratulations to all the other writers.

    Great competition.

    Thanks Jesse!

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