Aaron Thomas Milstead, Notre Dame Fire, Church Police

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Aaron Thomas Milstead

Aaron T. Milstead lives in the Piney Woods of East Texas with his wife and three children. He is a lecturer at Stephen. F. Austin University and is the author of the horror novels They Don’t Check Out and Ear Worm published through Blood Bound Books. Other publications include the short stories “Identical, Only Different”, “A Succession of Nearly Identical Ripples”, “The Pickled Man”, “Castration Complex”, “Ways the World Breaks You Down”, “Rampant Immorality”, “A Losing Battle” and “Take Your Time”. “Silent Auction” will be published in November in the Crash Code anthology.

Deadman’s Tome podcast is a variety show covers everything from horror writing, horror movies, filmmaking, youtube drama, and fringe communities. Deadman’s Tome has stong stance on free speech and is open to exploring conspiracy theories and social issues. While the show has a comedic bent to it, some many heartfelt moments have been explored on the program. #horror #writing

Live stream every monday, wednesday, and friday at 9:30pm

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