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Sentenced to Suffer – Feind Gottes

Fiend Gottes

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He should have never have let her into the apartment but when a beautiful woman shows up at your doorstep wearing nothing but a raincoat and a smile, a man can only be so strong. He knew that he still shouldn’t but the rush of blood from head to groin left him helpless, unable to slam the door in her face. A man can only be so strong at such a site, at some point logic and reason go out the window faster than a bullet from a gun. One look at that smile she wore with nothing else made him putty in her very skillful hands. He took a step back to allow her entrance closing the door behind her as the raincoat she wore hit the floor. His clothing soon followed before they ever made it to the bed, any thought of the danger he was in seemed further away than some distant galaxy far, far away as the infamous scroll had always begun.

The next three hours were perhaps the very best of his life. There were moments of pure ecstasy followed by a moment of absolute nirvana by way of intense orgasm. Unless his neighbors were deaf they were either enjoying the noise or being tortured by it. He and his sexy visitor could really have cared less, if the neighbors didn’t like it they could call the cops or leave for a few hours. After his third extremely loud orgasm the couple collapsed exhausted from the effort. She rolled over kissing his neck whispering in his ear that she hoped he had enjoyed her surprise visit. All he could do was smile as she slid out of the bed giving him one last long look at her shapely silhouette before bending over, just like he loved, to retrieve her raincoat. She blew him a kiss slipping out the door leaving him to pass out in his own euphoric bliss.

You just know the day is going to be bad when you wake up with a splitting headache. His eyelids felt so weighted down it was as though they were chained to the floor. It took all the effort he could muster to even open them to tiny slits which he could barely see through. It took his brain no more than a few seconds to realize something was very, very wrong here. He couldn’t move his arms or legs, his head felt like he had been paid a visit from a Louisville Slugger but what really terrified him was that he couldn’t remember anything. He could tell he was tied standing up to something hard and he thought he may be naked though he couldn’t be totally sure. His brain was screaming out, “WHAT IN THE FUCK IS GOING ON!” However, his mouth wouldn’t cooperate in the slightest so that all he could manage were a few muffled grunts barely audible unless someone had been standing maybe an inch away, no one was. Through the tiny slits of his eyelids he saw only black but even in this dazed state he didn’t imagine that he was alone wherever he was.

His struggles hadn’t gone unnoticed at all. While he struggled to open his eyes more than a few millimeters someone turned a single bulb on, hanging over his head, throwing him into a dim spotlight. He wasn’t yet able to see anyone but he knew for sure now that he wasn’t alone wherever in hell here was. From what the faint light and his eyes were showing him this had to be some basement or something. The floor was hard appearing to be concrete or cement covered in a thick layer of dust which only told him that, wherever this was, no one came here very often or possibly ever. His tongue still felt like a fuzzy balloon inside his mouth making anything more than a grunt near impossible so instead he closed his barely open eyes and tried to concentrate on how he could have possibly come to be in such a predicament. What was the last thing he could remember? Where had he been? What in the hell did he do to end up here?

His mind found no answers. The last thing he could remember was being in his rather crappy apartment watching TV or something. This was no help unless some random group took offense to him watching old episodes of Magnum P.I. but he rather doubted it. What had happened after that? He concentrated the best he could with his head pounding away like a gremlin with a jackhammer was trying to break free from the inside but still he could remember nothing. He gave up thinking and just tried to open his eyes once again. That didn’t go any better.

He was still barely able to open his eyes more than a couple of millimeters and the dim bulb swinging over his head did little more than make his head ache worse. He still couldn’t see anyone though knew he wasn’t alone, obviously. His wrists and ankles ached from the rope binding him tightly to some old wooden post whose dry splintered surface pressed into his skin like he was being stabbed with a thousand needles, even in the most sensitive areas. He hadn’t noticed at first but there was also a rope chaffing him at the waist holding him tight to the old splintered post. Every slight movement pushed splinters into him making him feel as though he was on the losing end of a knife fight. His tongue still felt like two pounds of fuzz inside his mouth. He was thinking of all the things he would do for a tiny sip of water when a door at the far end of the room opened. The man silhouetted in the light coming from the outer room appeared to be just an average man but given his current circumstance a chill ran down his spine at the sight. Perhaps the man came with some answers but somehow he didn’t think that was going to happen. What the hell had he done? If he could only remember.

The new entrant just stood in the doorway for a long moment, foreboding and ominous as a lion stalking its prey. He just stood there saying nothing, making no move, merely staring at the piece of meat tied to a wooden post in the center of the room. Finally maintaining his thousand mile stare he took a slight step into the room closing the door behind him. All was dark again on that side of the room then came the whispering. Tied where he was he couldn’t make out any words nor determine how many voices there were but he thought there were at least three though he had no way of knowing. His eyes were slowly beginning to cooperate but they were still less than halfway open and there was really nothing to see. The bulb swinging above his head was bright to him but cast very little light at all as though it were trying to shine through mud.

He heard shuffling feet but he still was unable to determine how many men (he only assumed there were no women down here with him) there were. The footsteps grew slowly closer making him break out in a cold sweat, fear pulsing through his veins. As much as he wanted to know where he was, and how and why he had come to be here it wasn’t too hard to tell that it wasn’t going to be Santa Claus stepping out of the darkness with a bag of goodies for him. No, it was far more likely that pain was shuffling its feet in his direction, agonizingly slow in his direction. He began to think snails might move faster than whoever this was making their way toward him in the dark. There was a pause to the shuffling and he was barely able make out a faint silhouette at the very edge of the bulb’s small reach. Just as when he had entered the room the man paused for a very long moment before taking one methodical step forward just inside the small circle of light.

He didn’t recognize the man from Adam. Almost nothing stood out about him, he was fairly average height around six feet tall with short cropped light brown hair, a couple days of matching stubble and a lean yet muscular frame, the kind of person anyone has seen a million times walking nonchalantly down the street. The only thing that did stand out to him were the man’s eyes. They seemed cold and dead staring at him like a wolf staring down a wounded animal about to become its dinner. It seemed an appropriate analogy to his mind since he felt about as helpless as a jackrabbit with two broken hind legs waiting for a hungry wolf to clamp down on its throat ending the little game. All he could do was wait for the wolf’s next move as he was tied helpless and naked to the old wooden post. The wolf just stood there staring at him, not saying a word, not making any move. He would’ve asked why he was here but his tongue still wasn’t working so all he could do was wait for the wolf.

The wolf with the dead eye stare said not a word standing before him. Then the wolf lowered his gaze and began to circle around the perimeter of light. The wolf traversed the perimeter thrice making him feel even more like some helpless wounded animal. What could these people possibly want with him? What could he have done that was so incredibly atrocious to put him here in this precarious position? He still couldn’t remember anything past sitting in his shitty little apartment watching an old Magnum P.I. episode. What had happened between then and now to put him here? Damn, he had never been a violent person so it wasn’t like he had murdered someone. His brain began to ache as much as his wrists and ankles from the effort of thought then there were the damn splinters from the dry post poking him in the testicles like he was sitting on a cactus. All he wanted was death or answers. He feared he’d only get one of those options.

He could feel a bead of sweat break free at his temple rolling its way down the side of his face as he stood there waiting. Waiting for the wolf to speak, to hit him, to cut him, to kill him or whatever the bastard was going to do. His fear only grew the longer the wolf circled saying nothing until the shuffling footsteps stopped directly behind him. Again there was a long silent pause as more beads of sweat began to drip their way down the side of his face finally sliding off the tip of his chin. He had never really been very patient and this wait was not only killing him but pounding fear through his veins. The wolf’s shuffling feet stopped behind him until he felt the wolf no more than an inch or two behind him. The wolf stood just far enough back as to not brush against him but close enough that he could feel the wolf’s body heat. The wolf simply stood there doing nothing, knowing that it was torturing his helpless prey. Then the wolf leaned in closer until its vicious lips were no more than a few millimeters from his victim’s ear. The wolf’s breath almost tickled while the anticipation grew within. The wolf remained poised at his ear saying nothing though speech was imminent. Would he get any answers or a threat? Cold fear sweat continued to drip down his face as he waited for the answer.
“You never should have let her in pal. I’m afraid it’s not a mistake you’ll be making again.” The wolf’s voice was deep, filled with malice and spoken in a gruff whisper.
His mind raced, who the hell was he talking about? He didn’t have any girlfriend, did he? Who had he let in? Magnum, what had happened after damn Magnum P.I.? Was he involved in some affair with a married woman? His mind raced for the answer. When was the last time he had been with anyone? Oh fuck, what stupid damn thing had he done this time? Hadn’t his crotch gotten him into enough trouble in the past? His mother had been right, he never did learn a fucking thing. He couldn’t remember it but he knew no matter how good it was, the sex wasn’t good enough to be going through this. His mind was frantic searching for a face. Just who in the hell had he let in?

His thought was cut short by his first real dose of pain. Sure the ropes binding him to the post burned and ached and splinters were pressing into him like a million needle injections from his balls to his should blades but that pain was no comparison at all. He had been hit with something small and hard in the center of his back. He had no idea what in the hell it might have been but he knew he had never felt any pain like this before in his life. He had been stabbed once many years ago and that had hurt worse than anything before it but that was surpassed by whatever had just been smacked into his back with force. Then it came again and again. It no longer mattered that his tongue felt like a giant turd sitting in his mouth, he screamed louder than he had ever known he could. The beating continued and so did his screams. He could tell this wasn’t going to stop and no one would be coming to his rescue. Wherever he was, he was alone with the wolf and this pain.

After more whacks with the object than he was able to count the beating came to a stop, at least momentarily. His back felt as though it had been skinned, it burned and throbbed from the pain. The wolf slowly circled around in front of him and he could finally see the object that had been causing him so much pain. The wolf stood before him now tapping the bloody thing in the palm of his hand as though goading him which, of course, he was. The end of the claw hammer was coated in what appeared to be a thick layer of red paint. It wasn’t quite dripping but it was damn close to it. The wolf smiled tapping the hammer gently in the palm of his hand tormenting the subject of his unwanted attention.

“I… I… don’t know wha-what you th-think I’ve done. I swear I haven’t been with any wo-woman! Ppplease!” His pleading did little more than make the wolf’s smile widen.
“Oh, you did, asshole. Have no fear, I’m here to help you remember. You really should have never let her in. The boss didn’t like that, no, he did not like that one little bit. He doesn’t take too kindly to anyone touching her. Speaking of touching I’m afraid it’s time to ensure you’re not able to touch much of anything ever again. I hope you don’t mind sitting down to use the bathroom from here on out because I’m afraid you’re not going to be able to hold your junk very well after this. What’s left of it anyway. I’m afraid the boss gave rather specific instructions. If it makes you feel better you should live through this so chin up, asshole!” The wolf’s feigned sympathy dripped sarcasm as intended.

Again his mind raced at what the wolf had said. Who in the hell had he slept with to bring this on? Did he even know who she was and do it anyway or was it some drunken one night stand? Damn, why in the hell could he not remember it at all? What had they given him? Did they whack him over the head before bringing him here? His head was still pounding but he felt drugged not slugged. He had often worried about something just like this. This wasn’t the first time his little purple headed warrior had done the thinking and gotten him over his head into deep shit.

“Wh… who was she? I… I can’t ‘member bbut can you tttell mme that?”

“The wrong woman, fuckstick. Now you may want to shut the fuck up and take a deep breath.”

The wolf approached the front of the post reaching out to where his hands were bound. He did his best to clench them into tight fists not willing to freely allow them to be smashed to mush. The wolf was none too pleased with the tactic. He said nothing merely raised the claw hammer over his head bringing it down with all the force he could muster square onto the middle knuckle of his right hand. The pain shot like a bolt of lightning up his arm to his shoulder then somehow straight to his splinter pierced testicles. He held his left hand tight, clenched in a fist but the right fell open utterly useless throbbing in agony.

“Sure you wanna keep that fist clenched? Believe me this ain’t gonna get any better but if you fight me I can make it worse. It’s your choice.”

He thought for a moment almost relenting but what was the difference really. The wolf was going to smash his fingers to smithereens with that hammer no matter what he did. Why not make the son of a bitch work for it. That thought hadn’t even fully formed when the hammer crashed down on his left fist just as it had on the right. There were no more fists for the wolf to pry open. Again the pain shot straight up his arm to the shoulder and again somehow right to his balls like he had been kicked by Chuck Norris wearing steel-toed boots. He lifted his head as best he could opening his eyes to find the wolf smiling a giant shit eating grin back at him.

“Hard way, eh? Like I said, it was your choice, asshole.” Still smiling the wolf produced a handful of shining silver steel spikes from his back pocket, “I assume you were thinking, how much worse can it get? Well, now you get to find out. Congratulations! It’s you’re lucky fuckin’ day, fucktard!”

The wolf grabbed the fingers of his worthless right hand pulling them out so his palm laid flat against the post. Using his palm to hold the fingers flat the wolf positioned one of the spikes in the center of the back of his hand. One strike drove the spike straight through his hand producing a scream to be admired by horror movie aficionados putting most Scream Queens to shame. It was a glorious scream that should have been heard for miles if anyone were around to hear it. The wolf seemed to be taking no chances or perhaps just satisfying his sadistic side hammering the spike in as far as it would go. He repeated the procedure on the left hand then proceeded to nail a spike through the cuticle of each finger. His lights went out about half way through the first hand.

He had no idea how long he had been out but he had awaken to intense pain. The rope holding his wrists to the old post had been cut but that was little consolation. His hands were now bound to the post in the worst possible way imaginable, at least to his mind, and the pain told him that it really couldn’t be a whole lot worse. His hands were now held fast by twelve very large steel spikes, one through the back of each hand and one through the cuticle of all ten fingers. He wasn’t walking away from this post right now without amputating both hands which at the moment seemed like a plausible option. The pain traveled in waves up through his arms to the nerve centers at each shoulder. Each pain wave, coming at about one second intervals, seemed to travel in slow motion hitting the brachial plexus with an explosion of white hot pain that never failed to go straight from his shoulder to his now shriveled up, splinter filled man sack.

“Look who’s awake! I was positive you’d be out much longer. I told ya you wouldn’t like the hard way and we ain’t even to the fun part yet, jag off! Lucky you!” The wolf seemed far too happy to see him conscious again. “If you didn’t like the nails you’re really not gonna like this!”

He didn’t think he had ever seen a smile so wickedly evil even in a horror movie. Unfortunately, he was the star of his own personal horror movie now and there was no pause or stop button to end it early. The pain was pulsing from his fingers down to his balls when the next wave began. He longed for that hammer to be wailing away on his back about now. The pain in his back was long forgotten and barely even registering with the overload from being nailed in place but now the wolf was done stalking its prey, done circling the wounded animal that would be its dinner. Now the wolf was merely playing with its meal before devouring it. The hammer slammed down again and again forever ruining the flesh and bone it pounded into. The pain which was off the scales prior to this new pulverizing beating was now just indescribable. He wanted to pass out again but it wasn’t happening this time. He wanted to scream but the sound seemed to be stuck in his throat choking him. Tears rolled down his cheeks while he prayed to god, he had never believed existed, for all this to end or for death. All he really wanted right now was a quick death that wasn’t going to come no matter what deity he decided to pray to and he tried every damn one he had ever heard of.

The wolf continued hammering away for what seemed an eternity. By the time he was done the mess nailed to the post wasn’t even recognizable any more. All that was left was a mass of unrecognizable flesh barely held up by the spikes driven into the post. It looked as though someone had pinned a couple of T-bone steaks to the post and set an M-80 (or a dozen) off inside them. His hands were a bloody mess with fragments of bone sticking out here and there contrasting the bright crimson with flashes of pure white.

The wolf stood back admiring his handiwork. The boss had told him to make sure this piece of filth was never able to touch her or any other woman ever again, he felt he had fulfilled that request completely. There was only one bit left to go then this poor soul was free to go. 

He had no idea how he hadn’t passed out from the pain. His hands no longer just throbbed, the pain was a steady stream of white hot acid pulsing through his veins. There was nothing to compare it too nor any real description for it. He still had absolutely no recollection of what he could have possibly done or who “she” was but apparently “she” was the absolute wrong woman to have done it with. He no longer even cared who she was, he just wanted to die and end this suffering. If the wolf was to be believed that wasn’t going to happen though.

“I gotta give ya credit pal you’re really hangin’ in there like a trooper. There’s only one bit of nastiness to go then you’re free to go. I’m afraid the boss was pretty specific about your punishment so you’re not likely going to enjoy this next bit any more than the last. Do you even remember who you fucked with yet?” The wolf almost sounded genuinely sincere as if he empathy after the hand destruction.

“Nnno. Wh… who?” A little bit of stuttering was all he was able to manage.

“Considering what I have to do next I don’t think it would hurt to tell you now though I would have thought you’d remember by now. I doubt she gave you her real name but you really don’t recall who you’ve been banging the hell out of for the last month?”
Suddenly he could see her face in his mind then her luscious body. He had never known a woman with skin so soft like silk against his lips, hips and fingertips. She had also tasted so very sweet as though she were literally made of vanilla and jasmine infused honey. He had gotten to know every inch of her intimately in the last several weeks. His head had known she was just a mountain of trouble but he had never been known for thinking with the proper head. He had never seen a woman so beautiful. He still couldn’t remember her name but a woman that beautiful had to belong to someone dangerous enough to keep her. Given his current predicament he could only assume she was married to someone very powerful and most likely nefarious as well. For the life of him he still couldn’t remember her name.

“I… I… cccan’t rrremmmember nname… wh… who?”

“She probably didn’t give you her real name and if it makes you feel better she never gave her real name to the others either. I think she just enjoys fresh meat. I think she is also sadistic enough to enjoy knowing that this happens every single one of you. The master is extremely protective and jealous but I’ll let you in on a little secret, I think he enjoys letting her find fresh meat to seduce so he can reduce you to well… this. I hope you know a little bit of history or her name won’t mean anything to you. Her real name is Lilith but the boss just calls her mother.” The wolf’s wicked smile returned with the disclosure as he opened a straight razor to remove the manhood from the piece of meat in front of him.

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