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Ebook Pirate Bust, Georgia Milk Cops, Ginger Bread Neutrals

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The ebook pirate bust and lawsuit. Will it affect you?
What are milk cop? You need to know
And what the hell is wrong with people? Ginger bread neutrals?

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4 thoughts on “Ebook Pirate Bust, Georgia Milk Cops, Ginger Bread Neutrals

  1. It figures you’d go look at one of the older books (5 years ago) with a so-so cover. That didn’t sell well. Not the newer stories that sell very well.
    We did serve Travis (yes, he was in hiding)
    He is an American citizen (even if he’s living in Canada)
    (I didn’t listen to the entire podcast, just some of it).

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment 😁

      Yeah, we did riff on the cover. I hope it wasn’t too bad. The important thing is were the books selling and they must’ve been to make it to a pirating site.

      That’s good that you served him. If you ever want to talk about your work, book piracy, or the lawsuit (ask your lawyer first) feel free to ask.

      1. Once the legal action is concluded, I may be willing to do just that.

      2. Oh, forgot to mention, the guy I’m suing is an AMERICAN 🙂 He just lives in Canada. But he’s a citizen, so we’re not suing a foreign national. Our laws all apply to him.

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