Conversation with Nuzo Onoh

Are you ready to learn about African Horror? Nuzo Onoh (A.K.A. “The Queen of African Horror”) meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about how she got into writing and story telling, her cultural influences, and all things African Horror! Listen to the show live this Friday at 9pm CST to send in questions. Leave your questions in the comment section and they’ll be asked. Can’t … Continue reading Conversation with Nuzo Onoh

Firefly Family VS Sawyer Family

Families that kill together stay together, right? That’s one of many common threads between The Firefly family (House of 1000 Corpses) and the Sawyer family (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), but what would happen if these two clans were pinned against each other? Firefly family breakdown: Captain Spaulding Baby Firefly Otis B. Driftwood Tiny Sawyer family breakdown: Drayton Sawyer Nubbins Sawyer Chop Top Sawyer Leatherface Location: Both … Continue reading Firefly Family VS Sawyer Family

Conversation with Kelly Evans and James Matthew Byer

Do you not understand Beowulf? Are you fascinated by Celtic myths and legends? Then get ready for an exciting episode of the Deadman’s Tome podcast where Kelly Evans and James Matthew Byer meet with Mr. Deadman. Expect excitement and a bit of an education as they dispel the myths, while exploring philosophical and cultural meanings. Live show this Saturday at 10pm CST. Send questions and … Continue reading Conversation with Kelly Evans and James Matthew Byer

The Meat Grinder Writing Contest

Think you’re a good writer? Think you can tell a good story? Well, then why don’t you enter your story into The Meat Grinder and put it to the test! How does it work? You enter a story by submitting to where it will wait for contestants. Don’t worry about word count, flash fiction, short stories, and poems are welcomed and they would compete … Continue reading The Meat Grinder Writing Contest

[TMG5] A Stolen Glance – Bo Chappell

A Stolen Glance In silken seas she slumbered Celestial reflections from invisible love Across a mirror A silver river, running sharply into an ivory valley A singular point not meant to be shared Even here I go unnoticed Yet forever shall I reign God’s love washes over the alabaster range To find me idle Beside a river no longer silver In waters no longer cold … Continue reading [TMG5] A Stolen Glance – Bo Chappell

[TMG5] A Macabre Dream – Sravani Singampalli

A MACABRE DREAM Fireflies in their perilous eyes Humongous their bodies Behemoth in their demeanor Tempestuous was the wind. Wine-red were my tears Crippled were their thoughts Sprinting through the woods Grisly things in my vicinity Jeopardized my life. Breaking free from monstrosity Ashen-faced with cold feet I became downhearted Lost in the bizarre world. I tried hard to escape Those dark unfathomable eyes My … Continue reading [TMG5] A Macabre Dream – Sravani Singampalli