Let’s Get Banned from YouTube!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a private show for the patrons, and I feel that the amount of time and the amount of love and support given by them deserves a completely unfiltered and uncensored live stream. We’re just now really growing on YouTube, but for the patrons I’m willing to put the channel on the line to bring the entertainment they deserve! … Continue reading Let’s Get Banned from YouTube!

Wall Street Journal Stops $26k From Going to Charity

Who doesn’t enjoy a good shit show, right? I remember the days when we tuned into Jerry Springer for a good laugh. Sure, the laugh was at the expense of other people, but these people and their drama was an absolute dumpster fire. I miss those days. So, when Internet Blood Sports became a thing and various YouTubers with various levels of notoriety starting going … Continue reading Wall Street Journal Stops $26k From Going to Charity

Renee DeCamillis – #truthforchris #justiceforchris

Patrons get more than ever. Private Shows, and they’re more than just extra clippings of this podcast. They’re stand alone episodes, often with guests, that explore Kaiju battles, insane VS battles, and even some fisting action. What am I talking about? Got to be a patron to find out. http://www.patreon.com/deadmanstome Renee DeCamillis meets with Mr. Deadman to chat about her story, Sunshower Death, and the … Continue reading Renee DeCamillis – #truthforchris #justiceforchris