Patrick James Ryan – Horror writer and dark poet – martial arts expert


Patrick James Ryan is a native of Columbus, Ohio and the popular author of the diverse short story collection, “Blood Verse,” the best selling novel at Black Bed Sheet Books ~ “The Night It Got Out” and his most recent release, “The Maggots Underneath The Porch.” Patrick has appeared in numerous radio interviews and blogs and is a recognized as a popular new voice in the horror/suspense/thriller genre. Patrick and his wife, Molly enjoy their three children ~ Colleen, Michael and Patrick, Jr. An avid sports and music fan, Patrick enjoys Football, Basketball, Baseball, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and most hard rock. In addition to writing, Patrick is a voracious reader, taking in an eclectic swath of fiction and non-fiction across many genres, with horror being a favorite. A practitioner of martial arts for over 25 years, he holds a second degree black belt and is a huge fan of Bruce Lee and is considered an expert with Nunchakus. He is currently finishing up a second short story collection and a mainstream detective thriller for 2018.

Patrick might be able to shed some light on the Conor and Khabib suspension and the Blade VS Lestat poll on the Deadman’s Tome facebook page.

Mr. Deadman watched the new anime series Goblin Slayer and has a reason to get back into anime. SJW are upset about Goblin Slayer including sexual assault in its story. SJW are also upset about Disney’s Aladdin because when it comes to SJW politics you never actually win.

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