Mark Slade – Kentucky Shooting – China Fake Moon and Horror Writing

Mark Slade lives surrounded by a family for whom the use of artistic expression is an integral form of communication. His work has appeared in magazines and prominent publications around the world. A number of his art pieces are held in private collections. As an actor, Mark has made over 300 appearances on stage, screen and television, winning international recognition and numerous awards for his efforts. In a career spanning 30 years, he starred and guest-starred in films, television and several TV series that include “The High Chaparral.” His first novel “GOING DOWN MAINE,” explores the loss of innocence and unforeseen consequences of youthful indiscretions. He has also authored two books of poetry and art that reflect his unique perspective on everyday life. “OF PAIN AND COFFEE” is a collection of sooths, sayings and soliloquies that combine his verse and illustrations. And, “SOMEONE’S STORY” combines his observations in verse and photography. Mark’s new novel, “HANGIN’ WITH THE TRUTH” – The Historically Bent Tale of the Bandit Bob Slye was published in October 2016.

Mark has appeared in The Stray Branch, Wicked Gardens, Weirdbook #32, Detectives of the Fantastic vol. 1 and other publications for Horrified press/Rogue Planet press. Mark Slade also writes audio plays for 4077th productions, created the audio series The Sundowners and The Hangman’s Dozen. Mark Slade has a story on Manor House as well.

Also, China plans to launch a fake moon for ‘lighting” purposes. And, it’s american, can’t go a day without a shooting. A shooting in a Kentucky Krogers. Psychos should not have guns. If you have a gun, you must pass a sanity check.

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