Would You Adopt Jason?

Old news, but in case you’re not aware. Friday the 13th, the entire franchise, is on pause while Manny Company (production company) and Victor Miller (writer of the original screenplay) battle it out in court. Jason Voorhees lost his mom and his two dads fight over custody for the child support and SSI money that would surely come from it.

I joked about this situation on the Deadman’s Tome podcast with Tim Murr and co-host Becky, and it lead to the question: would you adopt Jason Voorhees?

Of course, we would be talking about child Jason, not fully adult going to space Jason. Think about how you could be the one person to reach out to him. You could be like Edward James Olmos in Stand and Deliver, struggle to find how to reach this one kid, but when you do, you would be a hero.

Let me know in the comments if you would adopt Jason Voorhees and how you would handle it. I’ll share your comments on the podcast.

Here’s the episode where we talked about the Friday the 13th lawsuit


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