James Malheiros

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One night in 1988


Its night on the house and the family watches to a horror movie  that passes on the televisor.

The darkness skers who see her,the middle son adjust the TV antena,everybody talk and drink soda,the former son lay on the sofa.The mother eats popcorn and seems happy even paying attention to the movie.The daughter is sitted on the sofa with a glass of Coke in one hand and a cigarrete on other.The older son talks with some tireness while watches the horror movie that passes on the televisor.In the movie,a strange mist cover the surroundings of a smalltown.Everybody watches television and theres silence in the neighbor houses.

By the midnight everybody gone sleep.The televisor was turned off.Something in the ceiling makes noise trying to call the atention of whos wake up.The former son sleep,just in shorts in the halls sofa.Coffee stains slip olds in the ditch,coming from that morning,but now is night and in the clock in the wall is almost tomorrow.But everybody sleep after had watched the movie.And at the ceiling some seems to leave.Is the creature of the Malheiros house that seems to move,among the night mist,like in the movie,and now the house is dive in the mist that came and covered rhe smalltown of Blumenau.Like in the movie that passed in the televisor,as that surrounded by the powers of Evil.

Now around the house the fog takes over,everybody sleep,now nothing doesnt pass on the televisor.

Hes turned off.The creature makes noise in the ceiling and seems to move.Its at night she leaves to mouses hunt.Its night in the house and the situation is practically a mistery.

Is the family,the televisor turned off,and the house surrounded by the mist that came from the cemetery.The same cemetery where lies buried the professor Menescal,that killed himself,a long time ago,carried by the powers of Evil.Now in his tomb,lift up the spider webs that gone taking form with time.The flowers now rottens die with time.Tragedy for the Malheiros lost one of their stronger sons.Respected professor,winning citizen.Now lies dead,in his tomb the climate of horror.

So the night pass,a night of deep sleep for the Malheiros,slept by the power of the dead mind of professor Menescal that lullaby them night away.The family sleep under the power of his mind,and nothing more pass in the televisor screen that now seems diferent.A televisor of antother time.

And the mist is gone carrying away the families sleep,making them wake by the morning,and when they gone see ,the mist is gone,caused by the powers of professor Menescal,that lullaby them macabrely that night,like a demons gift.A night of party with popcorn,was given up.

And so,everybody wake up,and go to the breakfeast,and work and study as always.But everybody gonna remember when the professor Menescal visited them in their minds,bringing the cemetery mist to surround the families house,and now the Malheiros house seems not more an island,like in the night that professor Menescal lullaby the family from his tomb in the cemetery.

A night of fear,a night of mistery.


  1. I like the story and the feel of the work (POSITIVE POST, Mr Deadman). I think the atmosphere is great.

    But the English is very distracting. I’m guessing you are writing in a second language.

    Even if you were writing that way to give it some effect, it is hard to read and I guess some people might give up before they finish.

    Maybe get somebody to check your work next time before posting because it would be a shame if people didn’t read it.

  2. Thanks,my friend Trev Hill,
    The english is distracting because im brazilian.Now,if the story need to be rewritten,i apologyze.but i hope people see my work as a piece of art,with intelect,and not a robotic masterpiece written by some computer.
    I use my family as inspiration and write about her.I guess this tale must be seen as a chronicle once is realistic and truthfull,the characters really exist.
    I like to work hard,take care of my life,i drink a cup of coffe,write my stories,and thats it.I make shoppings and study,i guess im the kind of person that dream too much to see that things are bad.To my comrades,congratulations,i stay untill the finish,see hou later!

  3. You have some homepage in internet,mr. Trev Hill?i like to know more about you.i heard say youre a horror writer and author of some short stories.i wanna talk with you later..im a great enthusiast of the literature world,and stood very interested in exchange some information with you.i
    We might be friends.

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