Free to Read in Print

The free to read horror ezine is doing well. We’ve received positive feedback from plenty of readers, and as much as we love it, we wonder if there’s more we could do. What if we made the free to read ezine into a paperback? Who doesn’t like free books? Imagine Amazon Unlimited but with physical books. Logistics and shipping prevent it from being free, but … Continue reading Free to Read in Print

Would You Adopt Jason?

Old news, but in case you’re not aware. Friday the 13th, the entire franchise, is on pause while Manny Company (production company) and Victor Miller (writer of the original screenplay) battle it out in court. Jason Voorhees lost his mom and his two dads fight over custody for the child support and SSI money that would surely come from it. I joked about this situation … Continue reading Would You Adopt Jason?

DramaAlert! Author Lies, Lies, and Lies Some More

DRAMA ALERT! I think I only have myself to blame. After all, I did three podcasts on Nickolaus Pacione, one on Blake Leibel, and another on Will Bernardara. Calling a spade a spade, these episodes were loaded with goss and drama, but focused around specifics. Nickolaus Pacione is a deranged troll that wouldn’t stop stalking, so I had fun with him. Blake Leibel is a … Continue reading DramaAlert! Author Lies, Lies, and Lies Some More


A blend of a old and new blood. A tribute to all of those that have helped Deadman’s Tome throughout the years. Deadman’s Tome ReUnion is collection of grim, chilling stories of reunions gone wrong. We all know the feeling, surrounded by people you don’t really know, yet you’re supposed to, because of flesh and blood. Sometimes, what binds us are secrets, dirty little, horrible … Continue reading BRAND NEW RELEASE: ReUnion