If you have kids, you know what baby shark is. If you don’t, consider yourself lucky.

Pink Fong created an instant hit with kids and, let’s face it, some parents, and like any company they intend to milk it for all its worth and FAST!

I say we put this baby shark down, him and his family of sharks. Trap them, murder them, slay them, and even eat them. Let’s have some fun with

Dead Baby Shark!

This is an emergency call for submissions in that we’re open now and will close mid September.

We want 4 to 6 stories for a short and grim kids book.

Send horror, dark, and comedic flash fiction and short stories to us ASAP!

Token payment of $15 and Royalty split 40/60 with 60% of net earnings divided among the authors.

Send now to



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