Real Texas Horror

Real American Horror was a successful anthology. It might not have sold like gangbusters, or make money hand over fist, but it was well received and earned Top 10 Best Horror Anthology! You be your ass we were excited and honored by that.

But Real American Horror is just the beginning. You see, the plan is to take this concept and localize it to all of the states across the country and grab stories and content that reflect the respected state. Because Deadman’s Tome is housed in Texas, we decided to start in the Lone Star State.

We proudly present:

Real American Horror: Texas

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  1. Another collection of fine voice horror voices from Deadman’s Tome. A few of my favorites follow. “Lunchtime at the Justice Café” by Ken Goldman takes a familiar trope of horror fiction–outsider unknowingly enters a strange town–and gives it an original twist. “Mama” by William Stuart has a couple gasp out loud moments for the reader; this story created some disturbing and lasting imagery during and after my read of it. In “Dig” by Mr. Deadman, there is some repetitive and very eerie dialogue from one of the characters that gives the story a haunting quality. These 3 stories stuck out to me, but all of them were enjoyable. Nicely done.

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