Manufactured Problems and Entitled Crybabies

While kids in Africa starve to death, while minorities in China are locked away in internment camps, and while gang on gang violence rips  urban communities apart, some people are bold enough to face one of the BIGGEST problems facing the Western world. The use of the phrase “Hey, guys.” Apparently, the word “guy” might offend someone because they think the word is for a … Continue reading Manufactured Problems and Entitled Crybabies


It’s Mr. Deadman’s birthday. While that may not be very important, what he offers in a means to celebrate is. Book of Horrors I II and III are 50% off. We’re talking print copies. You can only get this deal by purchasing off of the store and use ONESHIP coupon code for free or discounted shipping (it works for us). Order Book of Horrors … Continue reading BOOK OF HORRORS 50% OFF!

All Female Writing Contest

  Four strong contenders entered the ring in the August 2018 The Meat Grinder. Renee Miller is a favorite on the podcast and the author of Eat the Rich. Sravani is a returning champion. Amy is talented writer and formidable challenger, and Lisa might know a few secrets to give her an advantage. The question is who will win?  Who will receive the most reads, … Continue reading All Female Writing Contest