Conversation with Ben Arzate

Listeners of the show wanted Mr. Deadman to chat with Ben Arzate, and I can see why. Ben Arzate produces intriguing poetry with a dark and brutal delivery. I appreciate the unapologetic approach and the willingness to deliver raw, disturbing prose. Mr. Arzate’s poetry is a reality check and while many like to read to escape their troubles, many can benefit from a good ole fashion reality check.

What’s a reality check? A reality check is when you get the bratty kids the car to go take a trip down to the third ward. Why? To understand the value of what they have, the reason for the daily grind, and the struggle that happens while they pout and complain about not getting what they want.

That’s what Ben Arzate’s poetry does.

The show is tonight at tonight at 9:30PM CST. Call ins welcomed. Use 7136365637 to dial in or find Mr. Deadman on Skype using


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