Conversations This Week

The shows are at 930pm CST, unless stated otherwise. Monday (7/23) – Lia Scott Price, writer and illustrator of Vampire Guardian Angels, talks about how the darkness relates to artistic expression. Wednesday (7/25) – Renee DeCamillis, writer featured in The Conspiracy Issue, comes back to go even deeper on Chris Cornell’s alleged suicide. Friday (7/27) – Paul Heatley, author of The Motel Whore, talks about … Continue reading Conversations This Week

June-July Meat Grinder Update

Sienna Sunset- Jeff Dosser Sadie Spurs Hidey Hole for the Wicked and Weary – SHea Herlihy-Abba Willis – B B Blazkowicz A final Supper – Trev Hill Meat Grinder writing contest is the thunderdome of writing contests. Send your story to Continue reading June-July Meat Grinder Update

Hollywood Pedophile Issue

The Conspiracy Issue, as good as it was, covered a range of topics and only really grazed the surface. Deadman’s Tome wants to go deeper, and we picked a subject that would definitely raise eyebrows and deserves exploring. Hollywood pedophile ring There is a dark, ugly, and seedy underworld that thrives in Hollywood. Let’s expose it through fiction. Explore certain facts that are floating around, … Continue reading Hollywood Pedophile Issue