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Conversations This Week

The shows are at 930pm CST, unless stated otherwise.

Monday (7/23) – Lia Scott Price, writer and illustrator of Vampire Guardian Angels, talks about how the darkness relates to artistic expression.

Wednesday (7/25) – Renee DeCamillis, writer featured in The Conspiracy Issue, comes back to go even deeper on Chris Cornell’s alleged suicide.

Friday (7/27) – Paul Heatley, author of The Motel Whore, talks about his writing, inspiration, and other things.

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August 2018 The Meat Grinder Winner

It was a brutal battle, and there was some neck to neck competition at parts, but only one story went balls to the wall with the reads.

Final Supper by Trev Hill was passed up only once in the competition, and it appears it triggered something. Storming ahead, determined to win, Trev Hill out did the others in all three metrics.

That doesn’t mean the others shouldn’t compete again. It just means Trev Hill won.

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Conversations this Week

The guests this week on the Deadman’s Tome podcast are listed below. If you want to call in during the show send me a contact request over Skype using

Jennifer Irwin – Monday at 9:30pm CST

Jennifer Irwin meets with Mr. Deadman to chat about her book A Dress The Color of the Sky, sex addiction, and, of course, her favorite scary movie.

Jeff (Death Wish Coffee) – Wednesday at 9:30pm CST

Jeff from Death Wish Coffee meets with Mr. Deadman to chat about the strongest coffee in the world, the Death Wish podcast, and more

Bob Van Laerhoven – Saturday at 9:30pm CST

Mr. Laerhoven meets with Mr. Deadman to chat about Return to Hiroshima. Expect this episode to be emotionally heavy.

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Eat The Rich

Renee Miller’s new book Eat The Rich is OUT NOW! Published by my friends over at Hindered Souls, this book is loaded with gruesome details and is ready to shock and awe. To celebrate, Deadman’s Tome is hosting a special live episode this Sunday!


How special is this show? We’re opening the show to live call ins and Renee and I are giving away over $100 worth of prizes. If you want to help celebrate or you just want to win some free stuff then call in this Sunday after 3pm EST.


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Give me a Makeover

Who is Mr. Deadman? What’s a good look for a classy, gutter brained guy that dwells in debauchery?

Use this image as in idea. I like the skull and cigar, but it’s in need of revamping. We are calling for an art contest.

I’m asking for artists to give Mr. Deadman a complete makeover.

Send artwork to

Selected pieces will get $75 and a DT shirt. It should go without saying that accepted work would be owned be Deadman’s Tome LLC.

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June-July Meat Grinder Update

Sienna Sunset- Jeff Dosser
Sadie Spurs Hidey Hole for the Wicked and Weary – SHea Herlihy-Abba

Willis – B B Blazkowicz

A final Supper – Trev Hill

Meat Grinder writing contest is the thunderdome of writing contests.
Send your story to

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Hollywood Pedophile Issue

The Conspiracy Issue, as good as it was, covered a range of topics and only really grazed the surface. Deadman’s Tome wants to go deeper, and we picked a subject that would definitely raise eyebrows and deserves exploring.

Hollywood pedophile ring

There is a dark, ugly, and seedy underworld that thrives in Hollywood. Let’s expose it through fiction. Explore certain facts that are floating around, and create an anthology that would serve as a red pill for those that don’t believe.


Submit your original short story (fewer than 5K words) or flash fiction to

What do you get in return? $10 token payment and royalties (60% split evenly among the writers), if your work is accepted.

Deadline is August 15th, let me know if you need an extension.



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Conversations this Week



R. C. Mulhare meets with Mr. Deadman to chat about her stories and life as a zombie slayer. Rumor has it she even fought off a group of Yog-Sothoth cultists!

Live show 7/9/2018 at 9:30PM CST


Candace Robinson meets with Mr. Deadman to chat about her stories and life as a writer in the sweltering humidity of Houston, Texas, among other things.

Live show 7/11/2018 at 9:30PM CST


Jeff Dosser meets with Mr. Deadman to chat about his story in the meat grinder in hopes to muster some reads, likes and comments.

Live show 7/13/2018 at 9:30PM CST

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Conversation with David P Perlmutter

David P Perlmutter meets with Mr. Deadman to chat about his book Wrong Place Wrong Time. David is also the author of Five Weeks and the My Way series. He works stem from real life experience and you’ll wonder how he managed to get out from the many dangerous situations he’s been in.

David is a proud father and a Campaigns Ambassador for Cancer Research UK.

Show tonight at 9:30PM CST


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Accepting Bitcoin?

Why not? Deadman’s Tome has produced quality titles such as Book of Horrors, No Safe Word, He’s Risen, Monsters Exist, Campfire Tales, and more. While each issue has it’s own theme and flavor, they all have a dark, unapologetic delivery of bone chilling horror.


There are many ways to acquire these titles and enjoy them, but they’re all so old fashioned. True, you can read them on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and even read them for being a patron, but that’s still using real money. What about cryptocurrency? What about bit coin? We wouldn’t object to that.

Right now, Deadman’s Tome will accept bitcoin, and best part is you set the price. If you see a title you want to read, and you got some bitcoin, send me an email and we can work out a price:

We’ll also gladly take bitcoin donations.