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Conversation On Prison Reform

A chat with Chris Roy about prison reform. People talk about prison reform for non-violent crimes, but what if we cranked the dial to eleven and dared to consider violent offenses? If that makes you uncomfortable, I understand. I too have shared my thoughts about certain violent offenders. Blake Leibel, murdered and tortured his girlfriend, would be executed by a bullet if it were up to me, but it’s not. With that in mind, I’ll be approaching this topic with both skepticism and a willingness to learn.

Prisoners are essentially stored in warehouses masquerading as correctional facilities, when they aren’t doing much of anything to correct the behavior that landed the people there in the first place. As a society we want consequences for crimes, we want the criminals to do time, but what good is it, what benefit is it to us if they come out even more damaged than they were when they went in. So, perhaps we ought to explore what is it about the prison environment that guarantees recidivism?

Catch the show at 9:30 PM CST tonight. Call ins are welcomed. Dial 713-636-5637

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