This Fact is SO Embarrassing

Whether you are a writer, musician, or an artist, we juggle routines with responsibilities and priorities. Responsibilities, such as getting the kids ready for school or taking out the trash, can’t be ignored. Just as priorities such as dropping that morning deuce or brewing that fresh cup of coffee are essential to daily living. But there are things we often think of as priorities when they’re really not. Catching up on Orange is the New Black on Netflix or watching the latest live stream on YouTube aren’t really priorities, and in fact eat at the time you could have for your creative endeavor.

Am I full of crap? Let me put it to you this way. I talked with Chris Roy on a recent episode of the Deadman’s Tome podcast, and this man is an author. Chris Roy has a few books out and his recent work is Her Name is Mercie, a collection of short stories. Now, you might be wondering, big deal there are lots of writers and authors out there. But while you spend maybe an hour a week on that project, he spent hours a day. While you have access to a computer and just about any writing resource, he’s limited to a cell phone and very limited data. You see, Chris Roy is a prisoner sentenced to life. While he has plenty of time to write, and a mind swimming with ideas, most wouldn’t think he would have the tools, resources, and environment conducive for the craft.

Yet, Chris Roy makes it work. I think the big reasons for that are ambition and priority. In prison, Chris does not have to worry about the distractions and the bullshit that constantly bombards those on the outside. So, do what he does and extract those distractions form your life, remove yourself from the temptation, don’t even kid yourself that just on more round of Fortnite will be enough to satisfy you so that you can spend another 30 minutes staring at a blank screen and 15 minutes of actual writing.

So, next time you even think about procrastinating, think of what Chris Roy can accomplish just on a phone, using the time he has. What can you do with your computer? What can you do if you’re not wasting time consuming media?


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  1. That guy is truly inspiring. The last few months I’ve given up on TV other than watching a movie once or twice a week with the Mrs. it’s amazing the amount of work I’m getting done. I’ve completed a few short stories and just completed a novella. I’ve produced a book cover (at least the preliminary drawing), I’ve edited stories for a collection I want to self pub, and I’ve completed a course in college. I’ve also increased my reading. I’ve got three books going, two on audio, and one on my Kindle. You can give up on the unproductive crap if you set your mind to it. It’s not easy but well worth it.

  2. My family love crap.I prefer to dream and work in my writing.I guess that crap always will exist,once you have structure to keep him.I mean,I hate stay watching tv but my family like it.So I sleep in the room.But is normal,untill this crap start to take cintrol of our minds.zDrugs and alcohol are crap to me.I never usd drugs or drink,is wrong,and I guess these are the real crap we bave to avoid.A tv series is just a tv series.She doesnt mean nothing to me,are just stories.But the real crap to me are this,drugs and alcohol.This we have to control.

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