Conversation with Ken Stark and Chris Roy

Ken Stark, author of Stage 3 and Stage 3 Alpha, and Chris Roy, author of Sharp as a Razor and Her Name is Mercie, meet with Mr. Deadman to chat about their new books. If you listened to the podcast before, then you know that it’s basically just a conversation about the guest, what the guest is doing, things on our minds, and of course a dash of horror.


Catch the show this Friday at 9:30PM CST

Call ins are welcomed. If you want on the show, call in the number is 7136365637
It’s not a toll free number, but I can call you if you request. Send me a contact request to
Remember, this service isn’t free. It’s paid for in a combination of out of pocket and the generous support of the Deadman’s Tome patrons. Consider being a patron to get access to just about every issue of Deadman’s Tome and private shows.




  1. Speed in Heaven, Cat Man and his shittens, Ken, Deadman and a convict – killer show. Loved it!

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