Conversation with James Longmore

James Longmore of HellBound Books meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about the Jack Ketchum anthology. ​HellBound Books, with the permission of Dallas Mayr’s agent and estate, are putting together an anthology of short stories inspired by and in loving homage to the late, great Jack Ketchum! This is a great opportunity and a lot of people are jealous. Green with envy is no good, people. Catch the show tonight at 9:30pm CST.


Find more about he anthology here


  1. That history denier; throwing shade on Matthew S. Carroll and Steven Morgan is like pissing on the Alamo. I ended up counter-trolling the fog-breather who really should did his fucking research on U.K.-Pakistan relations as I was waiting for him to throw a slur at my lead contributor as some of the roster connected with my bloodline cousins and classmates over the years. Longmore needs to really learn how to work with Libre Office and practice doing 208 page anthologies with word counts of 2200-6800 words before he attempts doing 400 page bricks where he looks like he wiped himself with MS Word. If you look at my account I can really do some damage to Longmore where he was caught 20 times throwing hate speech at me then I pulled both of you aside throwing shade at the roster that’s The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five or trying to have namesake one deleted is destroying evidence in a major scandal. My boss can be looked up on Military Wikia as he was a member of the Mossad.

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    1. You make a lot of accusations but when I ask for evidence you back track.

      I asked for at least three people that could vouch for you and you haven’t sent one my way. Not a good sign.

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  5. I thoroughly enjoyed THE CONSPIRACY ISSUE! Also, Mr. Longmore seems like a really cool dude. I’ll be looking for the Jack Ketchum anthology from Hellbound Books. Keep it up DEADMAN’S TOME, you guys kick ass!

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