Who is Nickolaus Pacione

Nickolaus Pacione. Search this site and you’ll see his name in the comments. Search the Deadman’s Tome name and you’ll find him dropping the name, the brand in every other post. I blocked him. The first person I have ever blocked, but he took things to a level to where I had to get this off my chest.

Who is this guy and why should you care? Sit down and have a listen.



  1. You really shouldn’t ignore history son; the aspects with the Issue Five roster that left a lasting impact on what we did — we were able to voice Emmett Till you want to throw shade on history. You’re going to end up pissing on memories of friends who are no longer around also that was the seeds of my namesake project. Throw shade on what I did — that’s ignorance because I am known for a drawing that pissed off the KKK. The roster that became Issue Five four of us are still in touch others just lost contact while Issue 10 a lot of us are still in contact with each other. All the alumni are all friends and became friends with my real life friends. I have high profile readers as they can be looked up on Wikipedia.org, get my name right and don’t call me a ‘guinea’ or ‘retard’ — call me Wop-Urkel I will let that slide.

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    Someone who took a piss on Darren McKeeman’s photograph and uploaded the aftermath shouldn’t be mocked.

      1. Just copied and pasted that via urban dictionary, don’t take your sources from Encycloedia Dramatica as that’s how scandals are born. You want Issue Five just click on my name as I kept this in print and have the ISBN to back it up. Longmore made a huge mistake throwing shade on this roster as Schlock thanked me for publishing Zahid as I gave the editor the screen cap of his story to take a look at. Longmore was busted for 20 counts of hate speech as he’s fodder for Nathan Shumate. Shumate saw two post total 70 comment flame war when taking aim at my project — why it had the layout the way it has, in the era one of my personal friends died. Kody Boye has a bad habit throwing shade on a piece that was twice published and the piece of shit he was passing around stole the thunder of this.

  3. Read the fucking article. An Eye In Shadows confirms character assassination where factions were defending the plagiarism of The Pattern Of Diagnosis. I sent the article in an e-mail along with Bully: A Study. I am panned because the slash fan fiction fandom are pissed because of The Fandom Writer and those who support that bullshit did a real person slash of my pen name and son. Christine Morgan actively railroaded the Issue Five roster and had pirated An Eye In Shadows. I fucking got pissed and outed the twat as a copyright fly. Learn how to work with a program like LibreOffice and maybe you can complete with the 2007 era publications.

      1. I think you need to see my thesis and the insight that some see when I wrote this. Mick Mercer introduced one of my publications and that’s still in print too but you have to go to the right places to get it. An Eye In Shadows is fact checked against People Magazine and Chicago Tribune with the news stories in the era. This book was written to combat those where your toilet fishing from. There’s a story for you interviewing a publisher who got hit by Nathan Shumate.

  4. No you’re missing the fucking context I’m no Holocaust denier; but if you ignore how someone is plagiarized you might as well had denied this happening. I spent time in Skokie back in 2007 before Issue Five was developed and if you look up my thesis on Academia you wouldn’t carry yourself as a SJW. Deadman learn how to use Open Office and design everything separately. The trolls spread misinformation and whitewash history; dismissing historic publications and try to get bootlegged material of my work.

  5. I’m pleased to report that all remaining copies of issues 5 & 10 have found new life as birdcage liner at the Sunrise Retirement Home in Pinellas Park. The residents thank you for your contribution, Nicky.

    1. This one is a racist fuck if he’s saying this of the Issue Five roster, he lifted House of Spiders. He was tapped by Queen of Gargoyle Fan Fiction and was outraged when I created her a WritersCafe.org account and said I would hand it over after she apologized to Lee of Creative Nonfiction. Troy Lockport is a journalistic fraud whose ethics are that of a real person slash parasite.

  6. Shut up and shoot your black tar as you support character theft, Christine Morgan in the eyes of Brian Lumley is a plagiarist. Faggots steal as you look like one to me you little fuck. Tell me — are you prejudice if you’re going to sabotage Zahid Zaman I can see where you would call him something that will piss him off. I want Christine Morgan to apologize to the creative nonfiction community because in those circles she’s a hated woman. More hated than me.

    1. No one could possibly be more hated than you, Nicky. Even your own family can’t stand you. Cousin Mike went so far as to pretend to put the house in Morris up for sale just to have an excuse to throw your welfare sponging ass out. If you keep harassing and threatening people you’ll get booted out of mommy’s house too and then you’ll be finished. You wouldn’t last a week on your own in the real world. You’re a vile little man-child who needs decades of therapy so take your meds and stay off the internet. You know you’re not supposed to be online without adult supervision.

      1. And you’re a fucking character thief; throwing shade on The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five roster is like showing up to a African-American book signing sporting blackface. So tell me do you support ID Theft too because her cohorts went for my social security number. You’re a plagiarism advocate because Christine Morgan along with Janice Frank went for The Pattern Of Diagnosis to plagiarize.

  7. Everything you’ve ever published is a failed mess that only highlights your total incompetence with the written word. The Pattern of Diagnosis is the epitome of your dreck in that it’s even more retarded than the title suggests. The Pattern of Delusion is more apt. No one’s trying to plagiarize your worthless garbage. No one even knows you exist apart from a handful of people who keep tabs just to laugh at the living trainwreck called Nicky Pacione.

    1. That story is twice published, mock that one you’re a heartless monster because three of my friends died after it was published. The way that story was with the reader who first seen it was really like the Woman at the Well. You support plagiarism too as you claim that Robert L. Baupader is one of your favorite plagiarists. You steal as much as he does, The Pattern Of Diagnosis is far stronger than Harry Potter and The Eagle of Truthifulness. Lee of Creative Nonfiction gave us all a nod over this roster as you clearly are a prejudice goon who steals characters from people.

    1. I am not funding Christine Morgan’s cancer treatment she basically cussed out Andrew Ian Dodge in his last months. So you’re going to be a troll on a day after my birthday I have a screen cap of Kealan Patrick Burke being chased off wattpad.com. He was on The House of Pain two years before me, but when I caught his fans stealing my material. I called him to the rug and backpedaled. You fact check as much as Stephen Glass so my guess you’re shooting up Black Tar with Jared Fogle and getting his dirty movie stash.

  8. nicklolaus is a sad little man who wishes he was part of the big boys club of horror. he wishes he could be like brian keene but he doesnt even have a quarter of a percentile of keenes talent.

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