School Shootings and Horror Fiction

A few years ago, Deadman’s Tome published a short story title A Corpse Can’t Laugh. This controversial story puts the reader in the mind of an active shooter at a school. At the time, I knew there would be backlash and hesitated to touch such a sensitive subject. Afterwards, I treated the story with special gloves in respect to the victims and their families, but now the gloves are off.

Creative minds draw from their environment, and routine school shootings IS the environment, and the authors and publishers involved shouldn’t apologize for ANY offense. The greatest offense is that after Columbine, after Sandy Hook, after Santa Fe nothing has been done to secure the schools and protect the kids.

Stop yourself before you wreck yourself. I’m not on a soapbox about guns or against guns. Have your debate and arguments, but in the meantime what are we doing to secure the safety of the kids?

Most people don’t know that schools are a god damn joke. The only door that is unlocked is the front door, but behind that front door is a secretary. If a campus has a resource officer, the officer could be ANY WHERE on campus. Much more, the doors can be unlocked by triggering a fire alarm! Does this sound secure to you? This is absurd.

Even more absurd is that these debates on gun control leave us spinning our wheels in the mud while the schools are still just as vulnerable. At this point, I’m all for having police officers armed with automatics posted at the doors. Sounds absurd, I know. Sounds crazy, but that would stop shooter dead in his or her tracks. A shooter might try to get one of the officers, but the other officers would be able to take down the active shooter.

I’ve heard counter arguments to this. Some people say that it just puts more guns in reach of the kids. We’re talking about police officers, not teachers with guns. If a kid attempts to wrestle a gun away from an officer then he’ll be stopped. Another argument is that it’s too authoritative or that it would turn a school into a guarded compound. At this point, I’m fine with that. I can live with that. I would feel safer with that then pursuing a go nowhere debate that will do little to nothing while the kids, while my kid, is still just as vulnerable as the day before!

You can tear down this idea all you want, and maybe it is ridiculous, but while we spin our wheels in the mud another school shooting will happen. Hell, it could be tomorrow. It could even be on the last day before Summer.  My point is that we all know that it WILL happen and it’s not an if. Look, the kids expect them to happen. They expect school shootings. That shouldn’t be a reality, yet it is.



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