7 Reasons Why Your Book Isn’t Finished!

1) You haven’t even started!

The number one reason why your book isn’t finished is because your lazy ass haven’t even started. Oh, I don’t have the time. Find the time! If you really wanted it, you would make time instead of making excuses. Those excuses aren’t helping you write that book. No, they’re enabling your procrastination and you’ll end up a miserable piece of shit with shattered dreams and regret!

Now get started!

2) You’re distracted by bullshit

Think checking up on your Facebook posts and Twitter feed is helping you? Think again. Turn that shit off! Every writer knows of that zone, of that flow, and you don’t need anything to take you out from that.

3) You’re in the recliner when your ass should be in the chair.

But I got to watch the new season of Fuller House on Netflix, and then catch up on The Voice, and then rewatch Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It just goes on and on. Look, I’m not gonna say don’t watch anything. But, all those hours spent consuming content others created could be spent making your own. That book will not write itself!

4) You think the market is saturated

Like piles of shit atop of even more shit, your book could either be another turd or that golden nugget. But wait, wouldn’t the golden nugget get lost? Nope. Not at all. Why? Search engines and algorithms.

It’s not so much the quality of the content, that’s important for staying power and longevity, as it is the way you frame and describe the book. What keywords do you use? Do you have a compelling description? Do you have a good cover?

Stop complaining about a saturated and competitive market and get to work!

5) You think people don’t read anymore

And yet books still sell. Yeah, the quality over all has dropped, and readers seem far less picky, but they’re readers. What about the next generation? Oh, you mean the kids that read creepypasta? The genre that is the new horror? The birth place of Slender Man? Yeah, go ahead and tell yourself the kids don’t read.

Excuses, excuses.

6) You write for money and fame

That doesn’t seem disengenous in the slightest. Not to be a downer, but with a competitive market comes a fight for every dollar. This is true whether you go indie or traditional. Want those generous advances? Even they are in a decline. If fame is what you’re looking for then make a sex tape or some stupid freak out video for YouTube. You’ll get fame, and for far less work.

Write for you and stop with the excuses.

7) You’re stuck on landing that perfect opener

Just do it already! Just sit your ass down in the chair and start writing. The perfect opener? That’s the thought that will lead to something as cliche as they come. Stop over thinking and start writing!

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