Shocking Truth About Creativity

If you’re a creative person, then you know what I’m about to say is true. Creativity is empowering and theraputic.

How do you feel when you act upon your creative impulses? Feels good, right? Get that good energy going through you, feeling like you’re accomplishing something. Even better, the good energy you feel is beneficial to your health. Do I have a study to prove this? There are several studies, but you don’t need a study to know that when you’re in the grips of a creative moment that you feel younger, happier, and just better.

So what’s the shocking truth? Creativity is not something that can be ignored. Now hold on, I know that seldom and sometimes quite frequently, it is ignored, but it shouldn’t be. As a creative mind, you probably felt the sting, the burn, whenever you DON’T act upon a creative urge. That feeling is regret, and regret is not good for your health. Regret releases chemicals in the brain associated with stress, and while in short bursts it can alert your system, activate flight or fight response, long term exposure can really wear on your body.

Much worse, long term exposure to regret can lead to seeking out ways to distract from the emotional pain such as drinking excessively, drug use, excessive masturbation, and even watching nonstop reality TV.

Not only will the regret make you a miserable person that no one would ever want to hangout with, long term exposure to regret can lead to health problems such as erectile dysfunction, obesity, clinical depression, and cancer.

I get that we have to find balance between work, family, and creative moments, and that search can even become quite a daunting task. But, one thing no creative mind should ever do is lock away their ideas in the basement of your mind, because then the regret will fester and become something ugly and corrosive.

Keep writing, my friends.

Mr Deadman

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