Firefly Family VS Sawyer Family

Families that kill together stay together, right? That’s one of many common threads between The Firefly family (House of 1000 Corpses) and the Sawyer family (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), but what would happen if these two clans were pinned against each other?

Firefly family breakdown:

  • Captain Spaulding
  • Baby Firefly
  • Otis B. Driftwood
  • Tiny

Sawyer family breakdown:

  • Drayton Sawyer
  • Nubbins Sawyer
  • Chop Top Sawyer
  • Leatherface


Both families would benefit from home advantage, and though some may argue that Leatherface could shred through the Firefly family, they have a basement full of surprises. For this battle, let’s have the family encounter each other at a neutral Bed and Breakfast. Why are they staying there? Maybe there’s a serial killer convention, maybe there is a gathering of the psychopaths, not sure.

Which family do you think would win and why? Vote and share your comments.


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