The Meat Grinder Writing Contest

Think you’re a good writer? Think you can tell a good story? Well, then why don’t you enter your story into The Meat Grinder and put it to the test!

How does it work?

You enter a story by submitting to where it will wait for contestants. Don’t worry about word count, flash fiction, short stories, and poems are welcomed and they would compete within their category. All I ask is that you put in the subject if it’s a poem, flash fiction, or short story along with Meat Grinder. Otherwise, I might miss it.

Once the contestants are ready and understand the rules, the stories will post where they have a month to compete for the most reads, likes, and comments. The reads, likes, and comments are measured on the stories directly, not on other sites or social media apps.

Your story is subject to the opinion of the people, and if the they rain down consecutive negative comments such as this story sucks, then it’ll be pulled.

You can also pull your story at any time for any reason.

You got a month to win and earn $50 (USD) paid via PayPal. Do you got what it takes?


  1. I have a couple questions.
    Does the story need to be specific to a submission call?
    Once the contest is done, will the story be left up? I ask because that would keep me from being able to submit as an unpublished work.

  2. Hands off, Jeff… it’s mine he’s praising! (It had better be or 40 years of friendship ends now!)

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