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The Conspiracy Issue

Why are we drawn to conspiracies? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that even the most absurd have an element of truth. Take, for instance, project MKUltra, also called the CIA mind control program, a program of illegal and highly unethical experiments on human subjects that were designed and undertaken by the United States Central Intelligence Agency Experiments on humans to identify and develop drugs and procedures to be used in interrogations in order to weaken the individual and force confessions through mind control.

This is real. The stories surrounding the project might seem like perverted versions of the truth, but there is a truth. Same with shadow governments. Some people fear shadow governments, a sort of deep state of organizations that exist and operate behind the scenes, and suspect that they’re controlling and manipulating leaders and people of influence to do their bidding. As crazy as that might sound, it’s not far from the truth if you consider the influence the elite and lobbyist have over policy and law.


This document, Deadman’s Tome The Conspiracy Issue, contains reports and accounts from various sources in regards to various crucial investigations. One report is a recently discovered entry on the MKUltra project, which led to further inquiry. Another report is a conversation between certain world leaders and certain terrorist cells that should never be leaked. The most troubling of all is that someone had figured out that the reptilians are definitely in charge.

If you wish to read The Conspiracy Issue, then first re-brief yourself on security and confidential policy AR 308-5. After you’ve read over the policy again, please follow the links below.


Read The Conspiracy Issue on your Kindle or Kindle compatible device by following this link.

Read the paperback version of The Conspiracy Issue by following this link.

Read The Conspiracy Issue and other great titles like The Ancient Ones, Monsters Exist, and Campfire Tales for two bucks by going here.


This link is restricted and requires a top secret code that most certainly is not found within the document.


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School Shootings and Horror Fiction

A few years ago, Deadman’s Tome published a short story title A Corpse Can’t Laugh. This controversial story puts the reader in the mind of an active shooter at a school. At the time, I knew there would be backlash and hesitated to touch such a sensitive subject. Afterwards, I treated the story with special gloves in respect to the victims and their families, but now the gloves are off.

Creative minds draw from their environment, and routine school shootings IS the environment, and the authors and publishers involved shouldn’t apologize for ANY offense. The greatest offense is that after Columbine, after Sandy Hook, after Santa Fe nothing has been done to secure the schools and protect the kids.

Stop yourself before you wreck yourself. I’m not on a soapbox about guns or against guns. Have your debate and arguments, but in the meantime what are we doing to secure the safety of the kids?

Most people don’t know that schools are a god damn joke. The only door that is unlocked is the front door, but behind that front door is a secretary. If a campus has a resource officer, the officer could be ANY WHERE on campus. Much more, the doors can be unlocked by triggering a fire alarm! Does this sound secure to you? This is absurd.

Even more absurd is that these debates on gun control leave us spinning our wheels in the mud while the schools are still just as vulnerable. At this point, I’m all for having police officers armed with automatics posted at the doors. Sounds absurd, I know. Sounds crazy, but that would stop shooter dead in his or her tracks. A shooter might try to get one of the officers, but the other officers would be able to take down the active shooter.

I’ve heard counter arguments to this. Some people say that it just puts more guns in reach of the kids. We’re talking about police officers, not teachers with guns. If a kid attempts to wrestle a gun away from an officer then he’ll be stopped. Another argument is that it’s too authoritative or that it would turn a school into a guarded compound. At this point, I’m fine with that. I can live with that. I would feel safer with that then pursuing a go nowhere debate that will do little to nothing while the kids, while my kid, is still just as vulnerable as the day before!

You can tear down this idea all you want, and maybe it is ridiculous, but while we spin our wheels in the mud another school shooting will happen. Hell, it could be tomorrow. It could even be on the last day before Summer.  My point is that we all know that it WILL happen and it’s not an if. Look, the kids expect them to happen. They expect school shootings. That shouldn’t be a reality, yet it is.



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CIA Tries to Shut Down the Truth!

The government has tried to shut down Deadman’s Tome. We’ve received emails, calls, and strange letters in the mail warning us to back off from releasing the Conspiracy Issue. We took measures and put constant surveillance at the headquarters, a stream going to a private server of trusted people that will release it to the public if anything were to go down.

We had Clark Roberts on the show. During which, we were harassed by what I believe to be a CIA operative. I know it sounds weird, but listen to it and see for yourself.






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Hey, horror writers or even writers in general, is your book not selling well? Is the competition too much? Are there books that seem to be out performing yours? Well guess what? How about you trademark a common word or phrase used in about 90% of them and FORCE them to OFF the platform.

That’s what Faleena Hopkins did. She trademarked the word Cocky. On April 17, 2018, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a registration certificate to Trademark Reg. No. 5447836, for “COCKY,” for the following goods: In IC 009: A series of downloadable e-books in the field of romance. IC 016: A series of books in the field of romance. Unlike the previous registration, this is a standard character mark registration.

But wait, I thought Cocky was a pretty common word, after all Han Solo used it, so shouldn’t Disney own the trademark? I mean, if they don’t then why should any body, right? Well, let’s unpack this.

A trademark identifies a particular good or service to consumers, and a common word can be used if it can be demonstrated that it is UNIQUE to that good or service. With that in mind, Faleena Hopkins was not the first romance writer to use the word Cocky as a title, and the word is not unique to her. In fact, she did not start using the word Cocky until AFTER she got the patent. It’s not about who gets the patent first, it’s about who used it first.

But wait, there’s more.

You can’t copyright a title of a book. You can get a trademark, if it’s something that is demonstrated to be associated with your good or service. Take Magic School Bus for example. Everyone knows Magic School Bus, but no one knows a particular brand as Cocky.

So, if you’re thinking this couldn’t possibly hold up in court, then you are right. But that does not matter at the moment, because Captain Dick Head Faleena Hopkins is telling Amazon she owns a trademark and forcing books to be taken down, forcing authors to CHANGE THEIR NAME! The trademark is in use in a series of books, not for her name or anyone’s name. Yet, Amazon doesn’t give a damn. Hopkins has played the game and is burning down her competitors one by one.

But, there is good news.

The Romance Writers of America, an industry group, is allegedly also looking into this matter. They will probably provide a centralized response. Author Liliana Hart reports that the RWA requests that people who are contacted by Ms. Hopkins or her attorneys contact Carol Ritter of the RWA at this email:

Retired IP litigator and author Kevin Kneupper has filed a Petition for Cancellation of the “COCKY” standard character mark. Link to his filing here: The petition will now be considered in due course by the Trademark Office. We should not expect to hear anything for a few weeks, and the matter could take months to resolve. But in the meantime the registration stands and the risks remain.

If you get a cease and desist letter or any other form of legal communication, you may find my “HELP, I JUST GOT A LEGAL THING!” post useful. Click here to read it.

She will get reamed, I’m sure of it. The puta has it coming. But think of the copycats. Imagine some horror writer trademarked the word horror and started being a massive dick.

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Conversation with Clark Roberts

Clark Roberts meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about his work, horror, and conspiracies! This Saturday at 9:30PM CST

Catch the show live to win free print copies Deadman’s Tome The Conspiracy Issue! How do I win free print copies? Easy, either comment on the episode during the live show with why YOU should get one or call in during the live show.

To call in use Skype and search for


Clark Roberts writes mostly short stories in the genres of horror and fantasy. His fiction has appeared in over twenty publications including Dark Recesses Press, Anotherealm, Nocturnal Ooze, and even Deadman’s Tome.

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Conversation with Deborah Sheldon

Deborah meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about her writing, horror, and anything else that might come up during the conversation. Word has it that a possible mystery guest might hop on. Who could this be? Find out this Friday at 9:30pm CST
Deborah Sheldon is a professional writer from Melbourne, Australia. You might know her from the horror novella “Thylacines” (Severed Press), the dark fantasy and horror collection “Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories” (IFWG Publishing Australia), the horror novel “Devil Dragon” (Severed Press), and the romance-suspense novella, “The Long Shot” (Desert Breeze Publishing).

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7 Reasons Why Your Book Isn’t Finished!

1) You haven’t even started!

The number one reason why your book isn’t finished is because your lazy ass haven’t even started. Oh, I don’t have the time. Find the time! If you really wanted it, you would make time instead of making excuses. Those excuses aren’t helping you write that book. No, they’re enabling your procrastination and you’ll end up a miserable piece of shit with shattered dreams and regret!

Now get started!

2) You’re distracted by bullshit

Think checking up on your Facebook posts and Twitter feed is helping you? Think again. Turn that shit off! Every writer knows of that zone, of that flow, and you don’t need anything to take you out from that.

3) You’re in the recliner when your ass should be in the chair.

But I got to watch the new season of Fuller House on Netflix, and then catch up on The Voice, and then rewatch Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It just goes on and on. Look, I’m not gonna say don’t watch anything. But, all those hours spent consuming content others created could be spent making your own. That book will not write itself!

4) You think the market is saturated

Like piles of shit atop of even more shit, your book could either be another turd or that golden nugget. But wait, wouldn’t the golden nugget get lost? Nope. Not at all. Why? Search engines and algorithms.

It’s not so much the quality of the content, that’s important for staying power and longevity, as it is the way you frame and describe the book. What keywords do you use? Do you have a compelling description? Do you have a good cover?

Stop complaining about a saturated and competitive market and get to work!

5) You think people don’t read anymore

And yet books still sell. Yeah, the quality over all has dropped, and readers seem far less picky, but they’re readers. What about the next generation? Oh, you mean the kids that read creepypasta? The genre that is the new horror? The birth place of Slender Man? Yeah, go ahead and tell yourself the kids don’t read.

Excuses, excuses.

6) You write for money and fame

That doesn’t seem disengenous in the slightest. Not to be a downer, but with a competitive market comes a fight for every dollar. This is true whether you go indie or traditional. Want those generous advances? Even they are in a decline. If fame is what you’re looking for then make a sex tape or some stupid freak out video for YouTube. You’ll get fame, and for far less work.

Write for you and stop with the excuses.

7) You’re stuck on landing that perfect opener

Just do it already! Just sit your ass down in the chair and start writing. The perfect opener? That’s the thought that will lead to something as cliche as they come. Stop over thinking and start writing!

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The Zelda Game You Probably Didn’t Play!

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening came out in 1993, but chances are you probably didn’t play it, not unless you had a Gameboy or Gameboy Color at the time. Those that didn’t miss out know that I speak the truth when I say it was a solid game, and a really well built Zelda game. I’m always curious about those that don’t agree and would like to hear what you have to say, but I for me this is a very fun game to play. Not only do I want to replay this game, but you can go along for the ride. I’ll play Monday nights around 9:30pm CST.