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[TMG5] A Stolen Glance – Bo Chappell

Bo Chappell

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A Stolen Glance

In silken seas she slumbered
Celestial reflections from invisible love
Across a mirror
A silver river, running sharply into an ivory valley
A singular point not meant to be shared
Even here I go unnoticed
Yet forever shall I reign
God’s love washes over the alabaster range
To find me idle
Beside a river no longer silver
In waters no longer cold
Yet resting in the open
I will not cast a shadow
Despite my mark
I’ll never be known

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6 thoughts on “[TMG5] A Stolen Glance – Bo Chappell

  1. Great stuff, Bo!!

  2. I can dig it!

  3. Omg love it Bo!

  4. Very thought provoking! Good job Bo!

  5. Lovely poem, Bo ^^

  6. Beautifully written.

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