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[TMG5] A Macabre Dream – Sravani Singampalli

Sravani singampalli

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Fireflies in their perilous eyes

Humongous their bodies

Behemoth in their demeanor

Tempestuous was the wind.

Wine-red were my tears

Crippled were their thoughts

Sprinting through the woods

Grisly things in my vicinity

Jeopardized my life.

Breaking free from monstrosity

Ashen-faced with cold feet

I became downhearted

Lost in the bizarre world.

I tried hard to escape

Those dark unfathomable eyes

My life became a spine-chilling tale

Howling sounds from behind.

Thunder in the sky seemed

Like temper tantrums

Of a frustrated old man.

The Behemoths still chasing

Their teeth like white daggers

Trying to taste

My cherry-red blood

At last clutched in their hands

Their fingers resembling

The pillar-like prop roots

Of a banyan tree.

I screeched hard with pain

My heart beating at the

Speed of a bullet train

I closed my eyes

Praying to god

To save my life

Reassured to discover my reality

As I opened my eyes.


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24 thoughts on “[TMG5] A Macabre Dream – Sravani Singampalli

  1. Amazing! I really like the last stanza. Enjoyed reading!

  2. Great poem sravani!

  3. This is interesting!

  4. Well-written Sravani. Keep writing.

  5. Great stuff! I like horror poems and stories.

  6. I like the words used and the ending. Thank god it was a dream!

  7. Brilliant Sravani x

  8. Well done Sravani!

  9. I enjoyed reading! Very good imagery.

  10. Waoh!!! It’s incredible. I would like to read more stuff like this.

  11. Very nicely written! I like the idea and also the way it ends.

  12. I really loved it!

  13. Super! Keep writing dear.

  14. Awesome! This is perfect.

  15. Wonderful imagery!! Finger resembling pillar-like prop roots of a banyan tree….wow!

  16. Very nice dear!

  17. Singampalli’s Poem A Macabre Dream is pleasurably horrifying and thrilling to read. She uses a Fresh batch of words that never allows this poem to be boring. I am growing to admire her talent with each new poem she writes. Poet Michael Ellis (United States)

  18. Unique poem! Keep it up!

  19. Fabulous! You write so well.

  20. Very nice poem. Superb use of imagery. Sent chills down my spine.

  21. Wow! This was very different.

  22. Full of profound imagery!

  23. Fantabulous words!!! I got to learn some.

  24. Something different but interesting!

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