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Captain America VS Blade

Marvel fever after Infinity War got me thinking about what would happen if Blade and Captain America had to settle some beef. Let’s say Captain America, super soldier with incredible strength and extremely proficient combat ability, and Blade, a day walking vampire with incredible strength and an experienced brawler, meet up in a warehouse. In this scenario, I don’t see Blade being the initial aggressor, but I would love to be proven wrong about that. A likely scenario would be Captain targeting Blade after getting him confused with another vampire or maybe having some beef with the way Blade handled something. Whatever the reason, let’s say they meet and they each have their top of the line weapon. Captain has his adamantium shield and Blade has his adamantium sword and it is a fight until one taps out. Who wins?

Vote on who you think would win and share your thoughts. I’ll go over the thoughts and comments on the podcast. If you want, you can even come on and we can debate about who would win.

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1 thought on “Captain America VS Blade

  1. Katana wielding vampire vs Wonder Bread with a shield.

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