Let’s Talk About Social Media

Part of the reason why I’m unapologetically blunt and don’t care.

Dangling on the Edge of Insanity

So, in an effort to not be a lazy blogger, each week I’m going to pose a question. I’ll give my answer of course, if I have one. This week, I want to talk about social media, because I’ve never had such an intense love-hate relationship with anything else… okay, except maybe Zesty Doritos. They give me monster migraines, but damn, they’re so fucking tasty.


Anyway, most of the time I love social media. It’s been an invaluable tool for me in my writing career, and I’d be lost without it. On the other hand, I find that the massive amount of stupid out there is sometimes magnified (if not multiplied) by social media. This annoys me. It’s why I’ve stopped joining writing groups (unless I know the group’s admins) and I don’t engage in any conversations involving politics or religion. Just too much stupid to have a meaningful discussion…

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