Jack Torrance VS Patrick Bateman

Jack Torrance and Patrick Bateman are both iconic horror psychos, and while they’re both psychotic, one is gripped with blood-lust towards his family, while the other may or may not have a staggering collection of dead hookers. Jack Torrance showed he is unhinged and willing to kill at any cost in The Shining, but what about Patrick Bateman in American Psycho? He’s a yuppie with nasty habit of just straight up murder, right in the street even.

What would happen is Jack Torrance and Patrick Bateman were to face-off at the Overlook hotel? I don’t see Patrick Bateman being the initial aggressor, as Jack doesn’t fit his motive. However, once Jack tries to attack Bateman, he most certainly would counter and then the fight is on. So, who wins? How does it happen?

Cast your vote and give me a rundown in the comments section below. Your comment might be read on the podcast!




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