Where do you write?

Where do you write? Where do you sit down to focus on your craft? An office space in your house? The attic? The backyard shed?

For me, it’s usually in the house at the computer desk. But every now and then I can be that “stereotype” and write at a coffee house. Hey, maybe a local brew for that extra sense of special. But in those situations, I make sure to have ear buds to drown out the noise around. Otherwise, I just couldn’t focus. Not at all.

What about outdoors? I’ve seen photos of writers writing outside on a patio, on the balcony, maybe actually on the beach. Patio and balcony I can understand, but the beach? Really? For me beach time is party time.

But, let me know in the comments section. Where you like to write? Where do you get the most done? What about the strangest place you’ve ever wrote at?

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  1. In my office at a computer desk or anywhere I can with my laptop. Sometimes at work when everyone has left for the day if I get a free minute. But mostly at home. I only have one kid at the house and he does his own thing most of the time. We talk and spend time together when we go to karate class. My prime writing time is at night. Everyone in my house goes to bed early. My wife is sawing logs. So, I’m burning the midnight oil when I write.

  2. I can typically write any where that isn’t noisy. Sometimes I need complete silence so I can catch on to every thought and idea before I miss it. The weirdest place I’ve ever written at was the train.

  3. I answered on Twitter, but I can use more words here. 😉 I write in my garage, because there are too many distractions in the house. We have two dogs (one is almost a year old and a bit of a jerk) and a couple of cats, and then teenagers who think if they can see me, I must be waiting to indulge their every whim, a delusion I’m pretty sure they inherited from their dad. In order to get anything done, I have to “disappear”. Also, I can smoke in the garage, so there’s that. I’ve got a comfy chair, a heater (this is Canada, after all) and a table out there, so it’s perfect (except for the occasional mouse).

  4. I usually write in our walk-in closet. If everyone is out of the house I’ll write at the kitchen table. I can edit or revise basically anywhere but I wouldn’t even attempt a first draft outside.

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