Twisted Souls

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Twisted Souls

 “Oh baby, you bought me chocolate and roses.”

The couple outside placed one of their fingers by their mouths and faked gagged. “Human love is so gross and laughable it’s a cliché.

“Are we going to watch them have sex or are we going to eat them right away?”

“Detroit, you have a one-track mind. We will wait for them to go to sleep then kill and eat them.  That way we don’t have to chase them.

“I was hoping you were thinking about sex Marie, just not with me.”

“Why not, honey?  Come on, let’s have fun.” Marie wrapped her arms around Detroit and tried to kiss him.

He pulled her off.  “Now, Marie you have a tendency to eat men’s members when you give them blowjobs.”

“And what blowjobs they were?  They squealed and moaned and the blood was delicious.  It ran down my chin and throat.

“You making me hungry.”

“I’m hungry, too, so let’s go get them.”

They crashed through the patio size window.  The couple stopped in mid-stride when Detroit and Marie broke through the glass, and the pair vampires jumped on them.

Detroit grabbed the female, the bottom one and Marie picked the male. The male ejaculated in Detroit’s hair. He touched it with his right hand and brought back a sticky white smelly substance. He then wiped it off on the bed. “I hope you remove his little head.”

Marie smiles then said, “I will have fun with him first.”

Detroit sack his fangs into the lady’s throat and drank her blood.  As she was draining, he felt her tits.

Marie removed the male’s heart and bit it.   The heart’s warm blood coated her face.  When she finished eating the heart, she licked her face clean with her touch and hands.  She looked at the penis.  “It’s still erect.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope, and I’m hungry.”  Marie then placed his cocks into her mouth and bit it off.  Blood came out like a fountain, she placed her mouth over the blood flow and swallowed as fast as she could.

Detroit removed the female’s heart.  “I will show you a trick.”  Detroit bit into the heart then bit into his right wrist and let the blood flow onto the heart.  The heart’s wounds healed and beats once again.

Marie stared at the beating heart.  “The heart was dead, now it beats.  How can it be?”

“Heart is like us.  It will live for as long as I want it to. But that’s not the fun.  This heart will cause a human to feel guilt. You know like “The Tell-Tale Heart,” by Edgar Allan Poe.

“The fun part is we get to see what happens when a human comes in and feels guilty.”

“Let’s do the deed, now I’m full.”

“I don’t know?  I know that happens to your sex partners.”

“That’s only if I give them a blow job silly.  I promise not to give you one.”

“You don’t have teeth down there?”  He points down toward her pussy.

“No, I don’t.  I laugh at this rumor about me.   A few men accused me of having teeth grown inside my cunt, but I prove myself innocent.”

“I’m convinced and aroused.”

Detroit moaned and closed his eyes. His tongue followed the veins of Marie’s veins.  He wanted to bite her throat but decided not to in fear of making her made.

She pushed him on his back and placed his cock inside her cunt. Marie moved her hips up, down, and around.  It was, as if, her hips were double jointed.

Detroit lied amazed at the speed her hips moved.  He tried to hold in his excitement, but he couldn’t.  He came pushing his cum deep inside her.

She smiled her muscles within her cunt milked his cock, like a toothless mouth. She moaned and having pleasure convulsions.  “That felt wild.” She bit his neck. Not deep enough for a deep bleed, but a scratch.

Detroit flipped her on her back.  “You know I thought about biting you on the neck but decided against it.”

“Yeah.  You healed.  I don’t know what you’re crying about. Go ahead bite me.” She bared her neck to him.

He brought his mouth to her throat and brought it back up.  “We better get back.”

“Yeah, we better.

They got dressed, jumped into their black 1966 Chevy Impala and drove to their apartment lair.

The morning the Detective Lee Stone, police officers arrived at the scene.  Detective Lee Stone asked an officer. 

“It was a neighbor, a Mr. Chen Chan, he comes over for tea and cookies with Mr. Allan and Mrs. Sharon Moore.

Detective Stone wrote the information down and felt strange.

“Okay.”  He looked at the officer any witnesses outside.

“No, no one noticed anything.”

Detective Stone heard voices, “We know you did it.  We know you did it.  We will catch you, for you know you did it.”

Detective Stone hands shook, and he wiped sweat off with his bare hands.

The officer asked, “Are you okay, Detective,”

Inside Detective Stone’s mind, a film of hidden guilt rolled. Lee Stone was a child wrestling with a child year younger than him.  The younger child hit him, so Lee Stone did a power-driver on the child killing him. After realizing he killed him, Lee Stone picked up the kid, set the kid on his feet, and let go of his arms, so the child would fall down the steps.

The child’s death ruled an accidental death.  Even the guilt of forgetting the child’s name caused Detective Stone to feel mental anguish.

Detective Stone dropped his writing pad and backing off from the officer.

“Are you okay, Detective, Detective Stone?”

Detective Stone ran passed the door and into his car.

Two officers ran after him as his vehicle left the driveway.

“Stop.  Stop it.”  I didn’t mean to kill him.  It was an accident.”

“You deceive to pay for it, murderer.”

“Yes, yes, you are right.”

“Turn right over the ridge. You will suffer no more.”

“Yes. Yes.  No, more suffering.”  He drove off the ridge.

The police officers found him at the bottom of the ridge and out of his vehicle.  Through his madness he had forgot to buckle his seatbelt.

Marie and Detroit took a deep breath to calm themselves. 

“That was something.  You have done this before.”

Detroit was rubbing his cock through his pants. “Yes, it makes me feel wonderful.  Doesn’t make you feel the same way?”  He looked deep into Marie’s eyes.  “Almost makes you warm all over.”

“Yes, all puppies, dogs and cats.”  She grabs him.  “Let’s make love you fool.”

They remove their clothing.  Marie kisses Detroit’s neck while Detroit looked up.  As she tried to push Detroit back, he kissed her deep.  Marie moaned and fell on her back.  Detroit then used his tongue and mouth and ran a trail from her breasts to her shaved cunt.

He placed his tongue inside and out her cunt landing on her clitoris.  He smiled when he saw her moan and wiggle out of pleasure.  This encouraged him to do more and deeper.

His tongue is making me crazy.  I’ve felt nothing like this before.  I’m going to cum again.

He stopped licking her and placed his erection inside her and moved his hips inside and out.  Detroit hips up and down, then his hips drifted into a circular fashion.  Detroit’s cock acted like a car’s piston as his cock went in and out of Marie’s cunt.  

Both moaned.

I hope we can do this forever.

“We will.  We will, Marie.”

“Forever. Forever, more.”



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