[TMG5] A Stolen Glance – Bo Chappell

A Stolen Glance In silken seas she slumbered Celestial reflections from invisible love Across a mirror A silver river, running sharply into an ivory valley A singular point not meant to be shared Even here I go unnoticed Yet forever shall I reign God’s love washes over the alabaster range To find me idle Beside a river no longer silver In waters no longer cold … Continue reading [TMG5] A Stolen Glance – Bo Chappell

[TMG5] A Macabre Dream – Sravani Singampalli

A MACABRE DREAM Fireflies in their perilous eyes Humongous their bodies Behemoth in their demeanor Tempestuous was the wind. Wine-red were my tears Crippled were their thoughts Sprinting through the woods Grisly things in my vicinity Jeopardized my life. Breaking free from monstrosity Ashen-faced with cold feet I became downhearted Lost in the bizarre world. I tried hard to escape Those dark unfathomable eyes My … Continue reading [TMG5] A Macabre Dream – Sravani Singampalli

Captain America VS Blade

Marvel fever after Infinity War got me thinking about what would happen if Blade and Captain America had to settle some beef. Let’s say Captain America, super soldier with incredible strength and extremely proficient combat ability, and Blade, a day walking vampire with incredible strength and an experienced brawler, meet up in a warehouse. In this scenario, I don’t see Blade being the initial aggressor, … Continue reading Captain America VS Blade

Let’s Talk About Social Media

Originally posted on Dangling on the Edge of Insanity:
So, in an effort to not be a lazy blogger, each week I’m going to pose a question. I’ll give my answer of course, if I have one. This week, I want to talk about social media, because I’ve never had such an intense love-hate relationship with anything else… okay, except maybe Zesty Doritos. They give… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Social Media

Conversation with J. Thorn

Dark fiction author and professor J. Thorn meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about his stories, horror and life in-between. Catch the show live this Saturday at 9pm CST, or listen to it afterwards on iTunes, iHeartradio, Spreaker, and YouTube. J. Thorn is a Top 100 Most Popular Author in Horror, Science Fiction, Action & Adventure and Fantasy (Amazon Author Rank). He has published over … Continue reading Conversation with J. Thorn

Pushed to the Limit!

Have you ever worked on a project that tested your comfort level? During a conversation with Renee Miller, we discussed a story that she wrote that really pushed her limits. If you missed the conversation, you can check it out here: https://www.spreaker.com/user/8056632/renee-miller This had me thinking about projects that I’ve worked on that made me uncomfortable. The only book that has really left an emotional … Continue reading Pushed to the Limit!

Jack Torrance VS Patrick Bateman

Jack Torrance and Patrick Bateman are both iconic horror psychos, and while they’re both psychotic, one is gripped with blood-lust towards his family, while the other may or may not have a staggering collection of dead hookers. Jack Torrance showed he is unhinged and willing to kill at any cost in The Shining, but what about Patrick Bateman in American Psycho? He’s a yuppie with … Continue reading Jack Torrance VS Patrick Bateman