The Meat Grinder


Deadmans Tome The Meat Grinder

Attention writers, are you confident in your writing ability? Do you feel that your ability to tell a story is on point? Well, then put it to the test! Send in your stories and let it be at the mercy of the readers. Some will shower with praise, some will tear it down with ridicule, and some might just be kind enough to give you a dollar.

How does this work? Easy, send in story to and it will be placed on the site and given a week to earn feedback in the form of views, likes, and comments. Stories that fail to please to interest the readers, whether the feedback is positive or negative, will be removed from the site. Reader interest would be determined based on whether a story is viewed, liked, or commented on with in first 72 hours it is placed on the site. Stories that receive consecutive negative comments, three comments in a row, will be removed from the site in shame. Authors are free to remove their stories at any time, and they may do so depending on the sort of feedback received. However, the story stays on the Deadman’s Tome site and has the most points calculated based on views, likes, and comments within 30 days it is place on the site will earn $50 via PayPal. The authors will compete against each other, share their stories, promote it any way they can, and might even sabotage others.

How it works? Stories in The Meat Grinder stories will post in batches on Monday and those stories will compete. The story that survives to the following Saturday and has the most points will win money. Each view is worth 1 point, each like is worth 2 points, and each comment is worth 3 points.

Authors can also earn money in the form of donations. Every story in The Meat Grinder will have the option for donations. Authors will receive 60% of the donations. 40% will go to Deadman’s Tome in hopes to increase the Monthly payout.

Submit your work into the meat grinder and see if it doesn’t turn into pulverized crap.

The Meat Grinder is open to short stories, flash fiction, and poems, of the dark fiction and creepy variety.

Send stories to with meat grinder in subject.

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