[TMG3] Madame Trudeau – Edmund Stone

  “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other Begins?” —Edgar Allan Poe Madame Trudeau By Edmund Stone   Lightning strikes filled the night sky illuminating the old house on the hill. Thunder made an unsettling groan afterward. Jonathan longed for such a night and this house was a ghost hunter’s … Continue reading [TMG3] Madame Trudeau – Edmund Stone

[TMG3] No Longer Human – Arya Ashok Dixit

  The alarm clock was set. The clothes were packed. The note was written. Everything was ready as planned. I had managed to scrape together as much money as I could. It was only a matter of time before I put my plan to action. I decided to get a few hours of shut-eye before that. A sharp sound pierced my ears with the intensity … Continue reading [TMG3] No Longer Human – Arya Ashok Dixit

You Will Not Believe This

Do you like to read horror and dark fiction? Do you hate spending money? Well guess what? Deadman’s Tome is offering Deadman’s Tome Best of the Demonic and Deadman’s Tome very first issue for free. Deadman’s Tome very first issue was under the name Demonic Tome. As a first issue, readers should expect a certain amount of roughness. With that said, the issue contains supernatural … Continue reading You Will Not Believe This

[TMG2] Secret – Victor Flavin

I remember when I was younger. There I was, standing there, when what I wanted to do was forbidden. Forbidden by who? I didn’t know because no one had ever given me an instruction on this in my entire life. Somehow though, I knew that I shouldn’t. I’d wrestled with this knowledge many times and I was familiar with the same crazy eight of dilemma, … Continue reading [TMG2] Secret – Victor Flavin

Bitches – Trev Hill

    Miss Jowens was cross. She had had enough of these young girls and their unladylike language and behaviour. Mind you, she shouldn’t have been surprised. Even at the interview she had been shocked by the way Miss Hayes the headmistress had talked about them. Oh yes, she plainly remembered, Miss Hayes had perused her CV and references with a favourable eye before asking … Continue reading Bitches – Trev Hill